Sunday, February 21, 2010

Up on my designwall

This week has been so hectic. From monday to thursday I was away on a job workshop. Very long days with exam every day. I had brought both stitchery and applique in my suitcase, but there was not that much time to sit down and stitch.

But I have manage to finish the center block for my Flutterby quilt. I really loved doing this kind of applique again. I know my friend Bjørg also have finished her block, so this week I hope we can schedule a meeting planning next step on this quilt.

Although there was late evenings with school, I manage to visit a quiltshop nearby. And I found more of the fabric I needed for Flutterby quilt. It's the fabric in the middle. The fabric on the right sidew was so beautiful that I could not leave the shop without buying it LOL. Want to make a bag out of it, hopefully in time for our annual quiltmeeting in march.

Last night I drove to the airport in a heavy blizzard. My DD returned from her school trip to Marrakech and Essaouira. She has been there for a week with her class doing photo shoots. Looking forward to see all her photos. She had a great time there although the weather was not that good there. She knows her mother collect thimbles and she had bought me two new ones for my collection. She also bought me some silkthread. Not really figured out what to do with it, but have to test it if it can be used for quilting. Love the colors she picked out.

Focus project comming week will be:
- Making progress on my Flutterby quilt
- get a binding on my Christmas wish quilt
- finish the february BOM on the catquilt

Saying for today:

A daughter may outgrow your lap,
but she will never outgrow your heart.
~Author Unknown


Annelies said...

What a beautiful center block and what a beautiful fabrics !

Carla said...

You do such lovely work! So glad you found the fabric you needed.

Satu said...

Beautiful works on your designwall! I can't wait to see more Flutterby appliques...

Kaaren said...

Beautiful things happening at your house, May Britt. Hopefully you'll have more time to yourself this week to get some stitching in.

The silk thread would be perfect for applique. I have the basic colors in the silk thread and use it for needleturn applique. It just melts into the fabric. The only negative things about it is that it's very slippery and I have to keep on rethreading my needle which is my LEAST favorite job!

Enjoy your week!

julieQ said...

I love your stitcheries, May Britt! Especially the heart with the embroidery around it, that is so pretty.

Laila said...

Hi. Luckey you got new thimbles. Great daugther she is ;-)
I can't wait to see your new bag..

MamaDaniel said...

Lovely daughter to lucky mummy... :)

Cattinka said...

Hi May Britt,
what is that you have on your design board... a stitched note from Leanne Beasley? Do you know that that is something very special that nobody has except you?

country mouse said...

What a beautiful flutterby block. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt come together. How lovely that your DD brought you home some new thimbles. I collect them too, and its always fun to recieve those lovely little treasures when someone returns from a trip.

Nana's Quilts said...

I know that silk thread is wonderful to use for appliques. It tends to slip out of the needle, but once you get beyond that, it just slips into the fabric and hides so beautifully. Good luck.

Megan said...

May Britt - I loved seeing your redwork stitchery, designed by Leanne Beasley and published last year in Homespun magazine on your design wall. I stitched my version in pink as a gift for the magazine's editor, Catherine Sanchez, and it's been almost almost finished for about 8 months! I'd better get it done soon I think.

Megan Fisher
Technical Editor
Australian Homespun magazine

LeKaQuilt said...

Dette kommer til å bli en vakker quilt :o) Grattis med to nye fingerbøl - morsomt med nye i samlingen :o) Ser fin ut, tråden hun har kjøpt - hun har vært meget flink :o)

2ne said...

Så heldig du er som har fått så fine fingerbøl og tråd. Lekre stoffer var det også :-)

Grethe said...

Nydelige stoffer. Så flotte fingebøler.

Sue-Anne said...

Your Whimsical block looks beautiful and so do those new fabric purchases. What a sweet daughter you have, knowing exactly what to bring you as a gift.

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