Sunday, July 04, 2010

Just relaxing

Today Frida and I are just relaxing out on the porch. I stitching on another miniblock on Butterfly Garden. Frida just sleeping on the table runner. Why do cat's always want to sleep up on top of tablerunners and absolutely in the middle of the table. I had to drag the tablerunner away so I could get room for my cup of cofee.

We have had some wonderful summerdays here now. Feels good to have so high temperature, so better enjoy it now, because these hot summerdays never last for long. By midnight yesterday we still had 21. Another hot day is coming and perhaps some thunder too I guess.

Saying for today:

There's no need for a piece of
sculpture in a home that has a cat.


Hanne said...

I am grabbing my cup of coffee and my stitchery + audio book, to go outdoors and enjoy the day too :-)

Crowing Moon said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon. Send some heat this way :)I think cats lay on our craft work just to let us know that nothing is ever really ours when we have a cat, they just allow us to use their stuff sometimes. ;)

Karmen said...

Oh, yes, my Kitten has to be in the middle, or on top, of everything! The quote you chose is so very true. Love it, and love your blog. Karmen

Joy said...

Funny isn't it!!?! My Cat likes to be right in the middle of things too ... and if there's any fabric to be sat upon, she'll find it ;o).
Joy ;o)

Grethe said...

Så koselig det ser ut,med Frida, kaffe og quilts.Glad for å se frem-gangen i BG.Nå gleder jeg meg til fort å velge 2 dager til intens jobbing med 2 av storblokkene.
Happy Quilting May Britt.

Jeanne said...

Just threw our tablerunner into the laundry 'again' as the cats think it's their personal property. :-)
Glad you are enjoying the warm weather outside with some hand work.

Anonymous said...
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