Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Antique Sampler–progress

The other day I got an SMS from Bjørg asking me how far I had come on my Antique Sampler homework

Eh……Antique Sampler…….do I have this project……………perhaps hidden in a box……………..and forgotten……………..


Several months since I have been working on this project.  The box have been stored in my sewingroom shelf, not out of sight, so that’s no excuse for not working on this project.


Now I will have focus on this project for a while because there is still a lot to sew.


Spending time in my sewingroom today tracing the circles left to applique.


To make the circles perfect I have made a plastic template as big as the block and cut out the circle.  Then it is easy to lay it up on the fabric and just trace the circle.


It is fun working on the Antique Sampler again.


And this is what I have finished so far.  24 cirkles.


And the six main blocks.  I am not doing the big quilt which has 9 main blocks, just a smaller version of it. 

Now, back in the sewing room watching Downtown Abbey on my computer while prepping more blocks.

Saying for today:

My soul is fed with needle and thread


SOLSAUM said...

Eg er imponert over dokke som set i gang med desse vakre quiltane, med så mykje arbeid på!

Dei er og blir nydelege, men for eit tolmodsarbeid!

Ha gode handarbeidsstunder!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

WOW! For noen flotte blokker! Nyt søm og drøm i romjula, og ønsker deg et riktig Godt Nyttår! Tenk deg da, et helt nytt år, med blanke ark. Jeg gleder meg :o)

Bizzy Martine said...

It's looking good!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice pattern Aby, I love all these circles !

Anonymous said...

Yes! I caught a few episodes of this for the first time during the holidays. I loved it, and tv doesn't usually hook me in. I will have to look for this on line to see if I can watch the whole thing.

“Old World Goodies” said...

Very nice, great job ...I do like the fabric combos...

Shirley said...

Thank you for showing your work in progress. My husband gave me the kit for Christmas and I am itching to start. Your quilt will be beautiful.

Gail said...

As always I enjoy your blog - I really look forward to your posts. And seeing that I am a faithful follower, I'm wondering if you still have Ruskin as I haven't seen him in a while. Regards, Gail in Canada

De said...

Its looking good - cant wait to see it finished!

Bettinas Stoffträume said...

Hi May Britt,
I am very Interestet for your quilt. I am sure, your Quilt will be very nice, like every one you do.
Have a good start in 2012

Laila said...

Hi .
You are so clever both of you two.. Are you going to have a UFO year in 2012 also?? I need to do that.. Eh... have a great progress with the AS.. Hugs :-)

Bodil said...

Kjempefine blokker. Gleder meg til å se fortsettelsen (for de havner vel ikke i boksen igjen...)

Chocolate Cat said...

Glad you remembered this quilt, it is so nice! I loved watching Downton Abbey!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

This is going to be a stunning quilt May Britt..

Make handmade said...

I love your work too!

Dolores said...

I love Downton Abbey. It's a wonderful show and it's nice to see your antique quilt progress.

Gudveig HN said...

Kjempefine blokker! Syr du sirklene også på for hånd? Kjempejobb! Gleder meg til å se det ferdige teppet :-)
Godt Nytt sy-år!

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