Saturday, February 02, 2013

January 2013 quilt meeting

Thursday was the first quilt meeting this year.  And 45 ladies had come to share this evening together. 


This evening we had invited Trine Bakke (to the right) to talk about “How to get inspired to get project finished”.  And it was so inspiring to listen to her,  She had exactly the same philosophy as I,  To have a lot of projects going on at the same time, and to always have a lot of  “on the go” projects ready to grab. 


Anne Kjersti from Lappemakeriet had brought a lot of stuff from the shop and we was so eager to get some shopping done.


They also showed a lot of inspiration from the shop.  Like this ABC wallhanging in Norwegian.  We always find a lot of english patterns for this, but then the letters does not compare with the the motif.  Like A for Apple is not right in Norwegian, here it is E for Eple (apple), and we have the letter A Ø Å that is not in the english alphabet. 


Look at this cute pillow.  I bought the paper pieces for this one.  It is called Carpenter’s wheel (16”).
Going to make this by using only fabric from my scrap bag.


More inspiration.  I have the paper pieces (bought long time ago) for both these projects.  Have to look them up now, but where have I stored them???


This is Lappemakeriets BOM for this year.  I really love the look of this one.  But I have told myself not to buy any BOM before I have finished the one that is laying in a box in my sewingroom.  But…….. have to think a little about this one.


A lot of inspiration to get from this shop.  Thank you Trine and Anne Kjersti for coming to our quiltmeeting.

And then there was show and tell.  Enjoy the photos.


And I have brought my basket quilt to show.  Looking forward to baste it and get it quilted.


Did I buy something.  Of course.  The pink fabric to the left is half 30cm.  Bjørg and I shared these and I think we have the same project in mind.  Will be fun to se how different they will be when we add fabric from our own stash.  The light fabrics to the right, I just had to have them.

This weekend is going to be spendt in my sewingroom.  Minus 20 outside, having my new sewingmachine to explore, new fabrics and a lot of ideas.  I feel this is going to be a great weeend.

Saying for today:



Roos said...

What a great quiltmeeting May Britt.
You showed us beautiful quilts that give's me a lot of new idea's.... did they also sell any spare time too.... :o)

Gudveig HN said...

Her var det mye fint å se. Det flotteste er likevel teppet ditt med alle kurvene! Lykke til med quiltingen :-)

Lynda said...

Your basket quilt is magnificent May Britt.

Susan said...

Looks like it was a great meeting, so much inspiration. I'm sure you received lots of compliments for your beautiful basket quilt.

Grethe said...

Sue' baskets quilt er helt super ,du har vært kjempe dyktig! Os mange flotte ting å se fra quiltemøtet deres :-)

Ulla said...

Great meeting, must be fun to have so many quilters together. Inspiration would be very welcome!
Your basket quilt is a beauty. Congratulations on the new sewing machine!

“Old World Goodies” said...

Oh all these beautiful things ... and oh I wish I could shop over there....:)...thanks for you sharing.

Ondrea said...

Fantastic quilt meeting May! So inspiring surrounded by all those gorgeous quilts and patterns. I agree with you, always having a few projects going at a time and some ready to grab on the go. Works well for me.

HegeT said...

wow...så lekkert teppe ditt ble..!!.. Hvit og rødt er lekkert.
Og så så flott ny symaskin du har "fått" deg... Regner med at det blir noen timer sammen med den om dagen ja....

hilsen fra

Tone Yvonne said...

God formiddag!

Så hyggelig med foredrag av Trine Bakke. Det er alltid inspirerende å høre på henne :) De hadde med seg mye fint å vise frem også!

Quiltelaget deres er veldig produktive og dyktige! Det røde teppet ditt med kurvene ble så nydelig! God jobbet :)

Ha en fortsatt fin mandag ♥


RG said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time May Britt... So many wonderful quilts and bits and your basket quilt is wonderful... quite a lot of work in that :)
Hope you're feeling better very soon.
Robyn xx

Gamawinkie Renea said...

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your photos. As for your basket quilt, well, it is tops in my book!

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