Saturday, June 08, 2013

Ufo focus :)

Hanne made this post today telling about her UFO’s.  And I so agree when she says she does not like to count her UFO’s, I too like much better to count my finishes.  Inspired by her post I started to look at all my UFO’s.


I loke to store my on going projects in boxes.  But even though they are stored in my sewing room shelf and I can see them every they, the some sort of stays in those boxes


And in the drawer in my sewingroom I have even more UFO’s.  Those are the ones I really do not remember having at all.  But tomorrow I have decided to look through it and perhaps I can find one or two that are fast and easy to finish.  I really need some fast finishes now.


Have a lot of quilts that are ready to be quilted.  Some I will handquilt I think, so they are not fast finishes. But there is also some I am going to machine quilt.


The Red Home Quilte was an UFO that I pulled out of a box some weeks ago.  And this will have my main focus now.  Today I have sewed all the triangles together and sewed together two of the rows.  Hope to have the top finished this weekend.


And in between I focus on needleturn projects.  Like this Floral Beauty quilt.  The four blocks at the bottom I have appliqued this week.  The colours are so wrong at this photo, but you get some idea of how it is.

Like Hanne I am preparing for Tour de Fibre 2013.  Hope you will join us this year too.  Starting in the end of June with champagne and strawberries.

Do you take the challenge to show your UFO’s?????

And do you want to focus on some UFO’s this month???

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

I see we will be busy for quite some while, both you and me ;-)
It is good to have company!

Patti said...

Oh, please tell me about the Tour de Fibre! I've not heard of it before. What a great idea. Is there a website?

Last year I participated in Ravelry's "Tour de Fleece" and spent all my race watching hours at the spinning wheel making yarn. I was going to do that this year too, but this sounds much more interesting to me right now. I'm eager to hear more.

I love it when you share all your projects. You and Hanne both - you have so many beautiful projects!

I know just how you feel. I don't have pictures of most of my UFO's, though I think they have all been shown on my blog at some time since I started writing it. I do, however, have them all listed on my sidebar. I've been focused on shrinking my number of UFO's for over 10 years now. Three years ago I got the list down to less than 10, but oh, those flimsies needing quilting! This is another year of focus for me, and so far I'm doing pretty good. Nine finishes this year so far. There are so many new things I want to start - including 3 tubs of "not started yets" So I'm with both of you.

I wonder - do either you or Hanne read my blog any more? So many people do but never leave comments so I don't know who they are. Both you and Hanne used to leave comments, but I know you two as well as everyone else get busier each year.

Melody said...

Wow, you've lots of beautiful things to keep you busy there. said...

Her var det mye spennende. Det flotte med UFOer er jo at de er litt som å møte en venn man ikke har sett på en stund. Lykke til med å velge ut hvilke du skal prioritere


Er dere tankelesere? Her sitter jeg og tenker over hvor jeg skal begynne når jeg sender jobben til de evige jaktmarker og starter fokuset på det JEG vil. Jeg har ufoer og rester så det holder. Det ser jeg du også har. Men først må jeg visst rydde.. Lykke til med alle ufoene dine! Nå er jeg spent på å se...

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