Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quilt safari

This weekend two of my friends Hanne and Bente (no blogger) decided to come for a visit. And of course I opened my house to welcome them. I met them at our local quiltshop friday evening and there our quilt safari started. I'm sorry I have no photos from this shop. I had only my cellphone with me and all those photos was too blurry. I guess Hanne will show some from this shop.

Did I buy something at our local shop.........YES.....will show you further down :)

Saturday morning early awake and ready to continue our quiltsafari. Our plans was to visit two more quiltshops.

It is a lovely shop with a lot of inspiration.
Outside the door we was welcomed with a quilted banner that says VELKOMMEN (welcome)

Just enjoy a little photo safari around in the shop.

Did you get some inspiration. I did for sure. My head is spinning with a lot of ideas now.
Upstairs we was invited to enjoy a cup of coffee and a lovely cake.

And did we buy something in this shop............ wait and see :)

Next stop was at Kari Renolens shop Quilteliv in Moelven.
Another lovely quiltshop just a hours drive from where I live.

And did we buy something in this shop???????
Hmmmmm.......what do you think???

Next stop was at Løten lys (løten candleshop)
It is always a pleasure to visit here.

And then back home to enjoy our treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is my buyings :)

Friday at the local quiltshop just a new pattern from Annaka, some lace and a box to keep my quilting thread in.

From todays quiltsafari: At Fabrikkutsalget just a few fabrics which I am planning to use in the new tablerunner pattern shown in the photo above.

And at Quilteliv I bought some more fabrics. With the ones at the left side I'm going to make a new bag. The fabrics at the right side I am having big plans making a brown and pink quilt. (the colours on this photo is a little bit wrong)

I've had a wonderful day with two great friends. Now we are sitting here and enjoying our treasures. And talking about all the inspiration we have got during this day. Some stitching are being done and we are enjoying a glass of red wine.
Saying for today:
Make friendship a habit
and you will always have friends.


Nancy in Norway said...

så koselig tur dere har hatt :-)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey May Britt! Oooohh!! I'm green with envy at your lovely quilting safari!! I think I might have to try to organise a weekend like this with some friends - unfortunately, not many of my friends stitch!!! SIGH! Love the photos of the candle shop - another weakness of mine, especially scented candles - mmmm ... sandalwood!! Enjoy the rest of your visit with your buddies and we'll wait to see the photos of your new projects - Bear Hugs! KRIS

Chriss said...

Hello May Britt. I have been reading your blog for a while, impressed with your sewing and your telling of your adventures. Love these photos and your quilt shops are just beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy.

Karen said...

The language of fabric is the same in any country!

Jeanne said...

Thank you for taking me on a virtual quilt shop trip! I enjoyed it and didn't spend any money. VBG

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lots of inspiration there May Britt, and you did purchase some nice bits and pieces.

Stina Blomgren said...

Jag har just suttir och oaaat och ahhhat över Hannes bilder och så kommer dina.. PUST!!!!! Önskar verkligen att jag hade varit med er.. har sett hur mycket som helst som jag ville ha!!! Kopparna... helt underbara... plåtaskarna.. din var ju hur fiffig som helst..:o))) och så många fina tyger i rosa och grönt och ja ..en massa mer!!!! Är AVUNDSJUK!!!! ;o)

Merete said...

Ser ut som om dere har hatt en flott tur! Masse fristelser å velge i butikkene også:-)

Christine said...

Oh, you have such lovely shops in Norway. Thanks for all the pictures .... I had to click on the one with all the red and white fabrics etc. All so beautiful .... drool, drool. LOL.

Anne-Grethe said...

Ser ut som turen har vært flott og at dere har koset dere ordentlig. Skulle gjerne vært med på Quiltsafarien...Har også kjøpt AnnAKa-mønsteret med Margeritter. Skal sy det senere i sommer.

peggy said...

I want to visit those shops! What a wonderful adventure for a quilter and friends.

Mary-Kay said...

There seems to be a lot of stichery projects in your country. I think it's not as popular here in Canada which is a shame because your projects are so beautiful. I like to do the occasional stichery. great times with good friends makes for a great day. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Så flotte bilder! Masse inspirasjon å hente der ja:-)
Kos deg i uka som kommer med "fangsten din" :o)

Tone-Quilten said...

Hei May Britt.
Koselig og møte deg og Hanne på lørdag (fabrikkutsalget). Leser bloggen din hver dag, du lager jo så mye fint. Gleder meg til og se hva som blir lagd av det du handlet i helgen.

luverlie said...

May Britt. Loved that you took me along on your quilting safari. I'm in love with the black/white quilt with witches. I searched their site but couln't find the pattern or by who. Would you know?
Great that you have good friends to share good times.

~Marica~ said...

Ni verkar ha haft en skön dag tillsammans i detta härliga Quilt safari ;-)

Du har gjort dina inköp..

Ha en fortsatt skön vecka!

Ozjane said...

enjoyed the virtual shopping trip via yours and Hanne's photos.
Thank you. It was refreshing.
Because I do not go out shopping much any more and tend to buy fabric online I realize I miss the stimulation of seeing things made up.
So I really appreciated my virtual trip.

Stjoemom2011 said...

I also NEED the witches pattern name!!!! Please help us! Kathy in New Jersey USA

Stjoemom2011 said...

I also NEED the witches pattern name!!!! Please help us! Kathy in New Jersey USA

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tour, these shops are awesome.

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