Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday it was QUIP - quilt in public day.

and my quilt guild had decided to go out an quilt in public.

We met at the mall Martenssenteret with chairs and sewing projects. Our Quilt guild is celebrating 10 years anniversary this autumn and we wantet to tell people about our big exhibition in september. We also started to sell lottery tickets. We have two big quilts and a lot of small bags, tablerunners aso as prizes. All the things at the table are prizes and you can have a glimpse of one of the big prize quilts at the left.

We had a great day sewing and chatting. A lot of curious people stopped by and asked what we were doing. And it was fun showing them all the different projects we were working on.

I was quilting on my Joy Of Life. Slow progress because I have been so busy at both work and at home the last week. I really need some time to relax now.

Other norwegian blogs that shows photos what they did at QUIP yesterday:

Piece by piece - Anne Heidi.

Drømmequilten - Siw Hege.
Update: some more blogs that has blogged about QUIP

Saying for today:

Good friends are like quilts,

they never lose their warmth.


Joy said...

Quilting in Public ... what a fun idea. I bet you had a faboulous time too :o).
Joy :o)

Nadine said...

Must have been a wonderful day ;>)
and such a good idea !


Merete said...

Ser ut som om dere hadde en flott dag, fint med oppmerksomhet rundt hobbyen vår:-)

Rita said...

Ser ut som dere har det kjempekoseligt.Får håpe der var noen som ble smittet av denne flotte hobbyen :))
Ha en fin søndag!

Teresa said...

What a neat idea - Quip. I think our guild should do something like that too.

suz said...

What a fun idea! Love it!

2ne said...

Ser ut som dere hadde det trivelig på senteret :-) Håper noen fikk lyst til å starte med sying.

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