Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to normal......almost

I think my daily routins are coming back to normal again after the big quilt event. Am I too old to go on such hectic trips or is it because there are so many impressions and ideas spinning around in my head because....

I just feel like curl up like Rusken and just sleep and sleep.

But I want to stay focus on my projects, and when I read Hannes to do list this week, I realized there has been several weeks since I focused on chosen projects. I started so clever in the beginning of this year, but then I kind of lost focus. So here we go with my to do list this week:

Focus #1: I am so fond of this BOM from Lappemakeriet. When I came home from the annual quilt meeting package #3 waited for me in the mailbox. Kit for 3 sixpointed star blocks, and sunday I got Laila's leftovers from her kit. She has anohter colour choise of this BOM and we are swapping leftovers to make another projects. There is not enough leftovers to make the block over again, so we add a little from our own stash and makes a leftover scrap quilt of our own choice. And the leftovers from the leftovers goes to Hanne. Wonder what she will do with the tiny scraps . A fun swap to do with friends.

Focus #2: Last year I had big plans having this easter quilt up on the wall. With barely 3 weeks until easter starts I have pulled it out of the box. I still have some quilting to do on it, but hope to have it up on the wall for this easter.

Focus # 3-4-5: Okei.....what to choose. I have the stitchery of the easter bunny that I want to turn into a tablerunner. And I am working on the last stitcheryblock for the Angel among us quilt. But then the first block in AnnAKa's new christmas BOM came. I want to start stitching on that too! And the week are going to fast.

Have you noticed something different with the photos on my blog. I think they have become better thanks to my new camera. Still have a lot to learn about this camera, but my DD (the photgrapher) tells me it is great. Have to ask her to teach me using it. Reading manuals are booooring.

Saying for today:

Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film. ~Author Unknown


fabriquefantastique said...

never too old, May. Love the saying of the day, I will use it, but wonder if the next generation will understand now everything has gone digital.

Bjørg said...

Du er SÅ strukturert! Veldig bra!

fusteina said...

HI, May Love all your work. I would like where to purchache the AnnaKa's BOM.
Best Wishes from Barcelona(Spain)

Hanne said...

What a great to do list May Britt :-) I am looking forward to follow your progress :-)

sewkalico said...

Is Rusken an Abysinian cat? A beautiful cat!!
You have quite a to-do list. It seems that is a common quilter problem: too many projects, too little time, but your focus seems good - best of luck completing these goals!

Katie said...

Indeed...it's so easy to lose focus!

Lucky you. Great camera, wonderful photos. :-)

Siri said...

Hei. Godt den katten er et stykke unna meg. Den ser så utrolig god ut der den ligger at jeg kunne kommet til å spist`n opp. Brune og lysblå stoffer er så flott, men siden jeg har innkjøpsstopp så får jeg nøye meg med å nyte synet rundt omkring på bloggene..Siri:-)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

No, just wears you out...so much to see, age makes no difference, looking forward to seeing the easter quilt, Tracey

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