Sunday, October 02, 2011

A little birthday celebration



Having some friends over yesterday for a little birthday sewing together.  Always fun to sit together chatting, laughing and sewing. 


What to give a quilter for her birthday? 
Quilty stuff of course.  I am so happy :)


My DD gave me among other gifts (as cleaning the house for me, a toaster and a giftcardbook for more cleaning house, hugs and massage on my neck) a new cover for my iron table.  And it has already been cat approved.


And guess who enjoyed the birthday cake while no one was watching.

Saying for today:

A cat is more intelligent than people believe,
and can be taught any crime.

-Mark Twain Notebook, 1895


Anonymous said...

Let me say a little eftergrattis.

Roos said...

Congratulations, I see they spoiled you a bit...
Greetings Roos

Ineke said...

Happy birthday. You got lovely gifts from your friends and DH. And it looks like cats are all the same all over the world, sleeping on ironing tables and cleaning cake dishes ;o)

LeKaQuilt said...

Så koselig bursdagselskap du har hatt. Gratulerer med dagen !

Ann-Mari said...

Grattis med dagen som har vært. Håper den ble som forventet:-D

Karmen said...

Happy birthday! Looks like lots of fun. I am sure cats can be taught any crime; my Joey may have invented a few crimes. Karmen

Ulla said...

Grattis grattis.

HerzBlatt said...

A delayed "Happy Birthday" to you!! Your little birthday sewing looks very comfortable.
Best wishes

Lappedamen said...

Gratulerer med gårdsdagen. Dette så veldig koselig ut. En drømmebursdag.

Nana's Quilts said...

A very happy birthday to you! It sounds like you had a very nice celebration with great gifts as well. Good wishes for many more!

Beth said...

Happy birthday!!!

Carole said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Did you save me any cake or did Rusken eat it all? lol Happy, happy birthday! Cheers!

a Matula ikrek said...

Happy birthday dear Aby, let just start a new year full with sewing, friends and cats!!! :o)

Laila said...

Thanks for a great evening :-)
I'm soo happy Rusken help you with the dishes :-D
Hope to see you again soon. Hugs

Marié du Toit said...

I love that Ironing board cover- and what a thoughtful gift- you must feel loved on your birthday!

Katie said...

So glad you had such a happy day! Best wishes. :-)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy Birthday May Britt...lovely gifts and what a perfect way to spend your birthday....

Anne Marieke said...

Belated happy birthday wishes!

Your Rusken is such a handsome fellow. Glad he approved your ironing board cover :o)

Great presents!

Unknown said...

Birthday Greetings for you May Britt. I am glad you shared it with CRAFTY friends!!!


suz said...

a belated Happy Birthday to you! It looks like you had a great time!

Magia da Inês said...

º° ✿
♥ °
Estou fazendo uma visitinha.
Seu blog é tudo de bom.
Boa semana!
Brasilº° ✿
✿♥ °


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