Sunday, March 17, 2013

Norwegian Quilt Associations annual quilt meeting 2013 part 1–The quiltshops

This weekend I went to the Norwegian Quilt Associations annual quilt meeting and it was also their 25th anniversary.  This is the big happening for quilters in Norway.  A lot of shops, workshops, presentations, exhibitions and the fun of meeting a lot of quilters from whole Norway.

Usually I blog during this weekend, but this time silly me forgot to bring my computer.  But now when I am safely home from a 3 hours driving I want to show you what happened this weekend.

Let’s start with photos from some of the shops.

Quiltefryd from Tønsberg. 




Northern Quilts from Steinkjær



Lappemakeriet from Bærums Verk



Kreative Ingema from Flisa is now my local quilt shop.


Quiltegården from Trondheim



Trådsnella from Lørenskog


Kathrines Quiltestue from Oslo.  This shop was voted as the best quiltshop this year.  Congratulations Kathrine and Co.  Think most of my money was spendt in this shop this year because they had the perfect fabrics and inspiration for my new projects. 




Kathrine had borrowed my basket quilt and I got a lot of wonderful comments on it.  And I think a lot of other ladies got inspired and bought those red bundles the shop had for sale.


Hanne in action taking photo of me taking photo of her.  Visit her blog to se her photos from this weekend.

Lappemor from Tynset


Maurtua is a quiltshop who is recycling old shirts and old texstiles.


Now you have seen some of the shops who was at this event. There were several more shops, but I did not get photos from all of them.

A lot of inspirations, and A LOT of temptations.  It was so fun visiting these shops again and again and again during these three days.  Every time I came back to a shop my eyes spottet something new and tempting.


I guess you understand that a lot of goodies had to come home with me.  I have plans with all of these projects and I will tell you more of that later. And notice…….just one red fabric this time.  Bought a lot of civil war fabrics and a lot of Sue Daley templates and paper pieces. 

Will show you photos from the exhibitions and from the presentation Joanna Figueroa later, but first I need a good night sleep.  Hope I will be able to sleep, because there is so many ideas tumbling around in my head right now. 


Susan said...

I am so envious, it looks like a marvellous three days. I really notice the different colour many more subtle colours. Beautiful. Congratulations on having your basket quilt on display too.

Maria Harrits said...

Uha hvor jeg glæder mig til Nordisk næste år! Må begynde at spare sammen!

Nana's Quilts said...

Oh my gracious - my head would be just spinning. So many colors and shapes and ideas for quilts for FOREVER! And how great that your basket quilt was there! Congratulations. YOu certainly had a few amazing days.

BernieSews said...

You are an inspiration to me, May Britt! Thanx for all the sharing that you do on your blog!

Washington, USA

paulette said...

OMGosh!! Fabulous!!

Wendy said...

Oh my it looks like a fantastic show. How lucky you are to see a show like this one. You've got some great purchases too.

mascanlon said...

Looks like a fabulous show. And funny you should mention Sue Dailey, I just bought another of her projects, a mini clam shell quilt. Your basket quilt looks amazing hanging there May Britt!

Ondrea said...

I am speechless!

Elin said...

Tusen takk for denne flotte reisa! Veldig imponerande! Kjekt å sjå at civil war-bøker er på mange av butikkane. Det kan ikkje vere lett å begrense shoppinga ei slik helg.
Kjem det innlegg om utstillingar og?

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