Monday, March 18, 2013

Norwegian quilt associations annual quilt meeting 2013 part 3–Members Exhibition

Every year members of NQF are invitet to show quilts at the exhibition.  This is the quilts shown at the members exhibition.  I am really impressed by the work on several of these quilts. The sign telling who have made it is on the photo, so if you are interested to know who have made it perhaps it will be readable when you click on the photo to enlarge it.

Enjoy the photos.



Frances Leate said...

Thank you for the quilt tour - it was wonderful. Take care.

Anne said...

Tack för alla bilder, de är en riktig skatt. Liksom din blogg, så mycket fint att titta på.

Schulz Family said...

These are super interesting quilts. Thanks for showing them

Edny sine puslerier said...

Utrolig flotte quilter!! Kjempekoselig helg var det også:)

Lynda said...

So many beautiful quilts - so many talented quilters.

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