Friday, March 29, 2013

EPP or american handpiecing (sewing on the line)??

Not so many photos from Hannes visit.  We totally forgot to take photos.  Why…….because we were so busy sewing and chatting.  We had one common project together.  Sewing this block called Carpenters wheel. We both saw this block in a quilt NQF’s the annual quilt meeting and agreed this had to be our easter sewing. 


I bought the fabric bundle used in the displayed quilt, not the fabric that I usually works with, but it was going to be a challenge for me.  I also choose to do it the EPP way.  It was fun, but I regret using the linen as backgroundfabric.  The linen does not work well together with the paperpieces as the linen expand unlike ordinary fabric.  So I had some trouble matching the seams. I guess linen is more usable in machinesewing, and I love using linen in tablerunners and as a applique background, but not in EPP.  But I finished the block and I think I will turn this block into a pillow. 

Hanne did her block the american handpiecing way (sewing on the line).  And the block is SO beautiful. Sewing on the line is actually faster than EPP and I remembered how I loved sewing on the line.  Not done sewing on the line for some time now, but I have one abandoned project that I do this way, so that one will be pulled out of the box soon.


Hanne and I agreed about some goals this year.  We both have a lot of WISP’s that we want to have finished, and this is my list (written on a Kiwi shoppinglist LOL).  Will make a post of this later. 


Hanne went back home yesterday, and I decided to do some more quilting on my basketquilt (only 10 baskets left to quilt) while watching the easter crime serie on tv.  But I never knows who’s the murderer because  zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

Lovely days came to an end - I am missing you already :-)

debbie said...

The blocks look very nice. Well done!xx debbie

sewkalico said...

Lovely blocks and a fun visit!

Katie said...

I didn't know there was an "American way!" lol Whichever way, both blocks are lovely. :-)

quiltygal said...

Lovely sewing & I agree with you about the linen .... I always doze off watching the tv so if its a program that I really want to see I record it as well :) nothing worse than not knowing who done it !!

Jen said...

HI! May ,It is lovely having a dear friend to sew with on occasions. The blocks are great looking 3D. Lovely colours. I think I am going to doze off in front of the computer tonight.

Nana's Quilts said...

I really love your blocks (Carpenter's wheel) but I don't know what you mean - american handpiecing (sewing on the line)? It is SO special to get to sew/quilt with a good friend. I am going to visit my friend Caro in the Netherlands in 2 1/2 weeks and I cannot wait. So exciting. Happy Easter to you.

mascanlon said...

Beautiful blocks! But I am always a sucker for blue. I too don't know what "sewing on the line" is? And if I was doing one block think I would EPP too. Looks like your holiday was wonderful!

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