Sunday, March 24, 2013

Out on the porch sewing


Long time since I have been sitting out on my porch, but today I have enjoyed sitting out in the sun enjoying my coffee and sewing some EEP.  Listening to the snow melting and the birds singing. 


But when the sun went behind those stupid tall trees at the neighbours land, I had to go indoors.  And I started to prepp the outher border on my Antique Sampler (design Sue Daley)


Long time since I sewed the blocks together.  And now when I am going to meet Sue again in a few weeks, I decided to at least have the top done to show her.


Prepped all four outher borders. Now I am doing the applique and watching a good movie.

Wish you all a happy easter and a lot of fun in the sewing room.

Saying for today:




TLC said...

Beautiful work! I just want to know how it can be nice enough to sit outside in Norway and stitch? I'm in SW Ohio where we're still waiting for Spring to arrive. The groundhog had to be put in the witness protection service because so many people wanted to lynch him. Here there's a winter storm warning with lots of snow on the way. Hoping the weatherman is as wrong as the groundhog. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I remember sitting on that porch, admiring the snow, and although it was too cold for sewing, it was such a nice moment ;>) ...

Your quilt is going to be VERY pretty, keep going!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks fantastic May Britt

Susan said...

You have chosen beautiful fabrics for your sampler.

Grete said...

........and all in done by hand! Very nice!

quiltygal said...

Wow MayBritt that's stunning I LOVE it !! such beautiful colours & how lucky to be seeing Sue Daley again so soon :) enjoy your sunshine

suz said...

Can't wait to sit on my porch and sew - we're still getting snow in New Hampshire! Love your quilt - it's looking beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter May Britt.

Radka said...

Sitting in the sunshine? How lovely! No sun here, still very cold, might have snow for Easter :-((((
I like the stitchery.

sewkalico said...

Too cold to sit outside here! Your top will be lovely with that border.

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