Friday, November 17, 2006


Have you noticed I got a new banner on top of my blog :)
Cathi was so sweet and kind to help me. I appriciate it so much. Look at it. She have done a great job. I love it. Thank you so much Cathi.

I am now seriosly thinking about changing to Beta. The problem keeping this old version is that too many now come up with no reply in my mailbox. But not just now. I am going away this weekend to visit my boyfriend and I will not bring my computer. Have other things to do :)

When looking for some batting in my cupboard in the sewingroom I found this bag. It is a BIG bag I made (in a quiltingclass) to carry all my stuff going to a quiltingclass. I had made som blocks from a thimbleberry BOM which I never was going to finish. And out of this I made the front and the back. Inside it I have a lot of pockets that fits my rulers, my cuttingboard, scissors aso. I have room for a lot of stuff in this one. I love this bag and have used it a lot.

I have prepared som application for this weekend and will also bring "Say it with flowers" to do some more quilting on it. I have now quilted all the blocks and will start to quilt the border. But I did not find the template of the one I wanted to do. It is missing :( But I found another one that can do, but it is not the one I had planned to have around this quilt.

Have a nice sewing weekend all of you.
See you on sunday evening.
(But I think I have to log on to his computer to read some blogs)


Anonymous said...

TOTALLY COOL new banner, May. And I love your blog. Thank you for showing us all the lovely things you make.

Cynthia said...

i noticed your new banner straight away and it looks fantastic.

Great idea using the blocks to make the bag. Perhaps i will use some of my orphan blocks to make a bag.

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

What a great bag! Glad you liked the banner!

Darlene said...

I noticed your new banner immediately - it's fabulous!

Have a wonderful week end with your boyfriend. I don't know how far you have to travel but please be safe!

Laurie Ann said...

I sure have seen a lot of neat bags lately on people's blogs. I'll have to get busy and make one for myself one day soon.

I won the Lazy Crazy quilt kit at a shop hop a few years ago. I haven't started it yet, I'll have to get it out. I think I haven't worked on it because I like bright colors the best and it is kinda dark. But I should make it and keep it for a present some day for someone who likes a more country look.

Kim West said...

The banner is great! Cool bag - what a good way to use up blocks that way. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your things are so cute, and I love your banner. I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your banner! Wish I knew html and all that jazz.....

Susan said...

I saw the banner last night, but didn't see any mention of it, so didn't say anything. I love it. Cathi is so nice!

The bag is really useful, as well as attractive.

Enjoy the boyfriend time.

Angie said...

LOVE your new banner, May Britt, AND your bag!! Have a fun weekend! ;)

QuiltingFitzy said...

I love your banner too!

I tried to switch to Beta today and was told "NO"...they were rolling the program out slowly. Oh whatever!


Sweet P said...

I love your new banner. I want to change my blog too, but just haven't had the time yet.

Your bag is great. I just commented on Cynthia's blog that I don't have a quilted travel bag. I juse a suede bag from Victoria's Secret. I think I need a bag like yours soon.

Melzie said...

The bag is beautiful :) xoxo melzie

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