Monday, November 27, 2006

This is what happends..... and christmas feelings

This is what happends when you hang wet fabric to drip dry on the porch and forget them there during the night when it gets below zero. It gets so stiff that they can stand by themselves LOL
I am looking for my christmas feelings and I found these questions on Monikas blog. I have translated them to english and reflected a bit on these:

What does the time before christmas means to you?
I just LOVE christmas. And the time before is so precious to me. To light the advent candles and having quality time with my family. Traditions is for me very important.

Which colours do you prefer in the house when it's christmas?
I like to decorate with red, gold and white.

What do you prefer to drink at christmas?
Together with the christmas dinner I want to have one aquavit.
And of course mulled wine/glühwein.

What sort of hobby thing do you prefer to do while waiting for christmas?
I always have big plans making christmas gifts. And of course they are some sort of quilting.

Home baked or bakery?
I have to bake myself. But I do not bake so many different cakes like I used to before.

Modern or nostalgic chrismas decoration?
Nostalgic christmas decoration is the best.

What christmas smells do you want in the house?
Ginger/cinnamon and hyacinths.

What gives you the ultimate christmas feeling?
When I can gather my family around the christmas three and look at their happy faces.

What is you favorite christmas music?
I have to hear three special christmas songs before it is christmas to me. That is Mehelia Jackson with Silent night, Jussi Bjørling with O helga natt and a silly but very nice norewgian song called Julekveld i skogen (Christmas in the forest). On des 1st I always find my christmas cd's and listen to them.

And I have added one more question:

Do you have special memories about christmas:
I remember when I was a little child every christmas was always very very cold. And when I walked across the road to celebrate christmas with my grandmother the stars where so bright and the snow was twinkling. I was always so excited about christmas and I still is.
Another memory is when my father made me a dollhouse. I have peeked through the keyhole and seen what he was doing. But when all the gifts was unpacked at christmas eve, I had got no dollhouse. My dear father had discovered me peeking in the keyhole and wanted to tease me. Of course I got my dollhouse, but it was a lesson to me.

....... but I am still very curious about the gifts LOL


Hanne said...

Det var julekveld i skogen..... Yes - I need that one too :-)
Unlike most Norwegians I pass on The countess and the butler though.

Cynthia said...

i can't believe it's only four weeks until Christmas. I also enjoy Christmas. This weekend we will be putting out our decorations and lights.

Anonymous said...

I loved your christmas memories. I love everything about Christmas, I might blog on this as well. I loved last posts table runner. Cheers. tracey@ozcountryquiltingmum....your new comments will only let me be anonymous!

Libby said...

What wonderful Christmas traditions. I love to open the boxes with my decorations each year, it is like seeing old friends.

Gerry said...

How wonderful of you to share your memories and thoughts. Happy Holidays!

Linda C said...

An interesting "meme" May Brit.

You had to bring in your fabric to let it thaw out and press. I forget to switch laundry over for hours at a time sometimes when I get busy and distracted so its easy to see how it can be left outside, LOL.

The Calico Cat said...

Aquavit has me intrigued... (I watch a Norwegian/Scandinavian cooking show on PBS & the host uses it & chats about it frequently!)

Nancy in MT said...

May, I love your comment, "I'm looking for my Christmas spirit,"
me too, hopefully it will happen.
Nancy in MT

Darlene said...

I giggled at your frozen fabric - that happened to some clothes when we lived in Massachusetts. Frozen solid. LOL

Your meme is great! I can't believe that Christmas is almost here - where did the year go.

BTW, yes I do have 97 quilt tops to be quilted LOL I have a picture of 94 in September blog archives but at the retreat in October I finished 3 more. The piles are huge!! ;-)

Unknown said...

LOL!!! Your frozen fabric made me bust out laughing!

Susan said...

I laughed to see the fabric frozen. =)
So when you thaw it out, is it still as wet?

I love your Christmas thoughts, too.

jodie said...

Now I have always been told that if you put a difficult to iron article into the freezer for a bit it will be easier to iron! Perhaps you have taken that to the extreme! Lol.


Anonymous said...

Your fabrics make me laugh ! And I love your Christamas story, very moving. Have you still this doll house ?

Anonymous said...
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