Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cleaning my sewingroom

This evening I was trying to organize the closet in my sewingroom. When I moved in to this house in april I just threw some my quiltingstuff in to the closet. A complete chaos. Today I bought a shelf and started. I took everything out of it, placed the shelf and started to sort my things. I admit I have thrown away some things. I found some lost stuff LOL . Found some forgotten UFO's which I think I will give away....perhaps. It has been fun to do this.


Does it look any different????? It feels so great to have this done. But for how long will it stay this way??? LOL
I do not dare to show you the other side of the room. Have to clean that side later. Tomorrow I am going to our guildmeeting. And I shall remember to bring my camera.
Bloglines has acting OK the last days. Seems that all the blogs I have subscribed have been updated. One thing that is not so good with Beta is that I got anonymous comments from they who don't have made the change to Beta yet. And perhaps that's how it will be in the future. I think Beta is a bit better to use when creating posts. It uploads photos very quick and I can make labels on each post very easy. And in my hotmail I now can click on the name of the one who comments and get directly to the blog.


Melzie said...

Looks very nice :) My sewing room closet is a WRECK for sure. xoxo melzie

Susan said...

It looks great! Things never do stay neat, do they? I guess it's either neatness or creativity, but not both at the same time. =)

Clare said...

I live in a constant state of chaos. When I do have a huge tidy up I can't find anything. Sewing corner is, at the moment, quite tidy, but by this time tomorrow it will be a mess again!

Joyce said...

The closet is looking very organized! I still have not made the switch to Beta but it looks like I will have to soon.

tami said...

Very nice job on the sewing closet. It's so much easier to sew when you don't have to hunt for every thing you need.

Tazzie said...

It looks wonderful, so much more organised. How fun to find some things you'd forgotten about!

Sweet P said...

Nice looking closet. I had to clean mine again and I just moved into the sewing room in June!

I'm signing my name just in case this message is coming from anonymous. I haven't switched to beta yet.

Sweet P

Anonymous said...

Closet looks great, so organised. Tidying the sewing room is my job for this weekend.

Libby said...

Looks great -- I'm goint to have to resolve to neaten up my space in the new year. (that lets me keep it messy for at leat another month *s*)

Maddie Can Fly said...

May Britt -- so good to see you took the challenge and organized something. My closet looks very much like your "before" picture. I have work to do on that! (Lesa, CQForNewbies)

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