Sunday, February 24, 2008

My ironingboard

Libby has posted a challenge on her blog. She wants us to share a picture of our ironing boards and leave comment on her post , she will also give a prize to someone.

So here is mine.

My first ironing board is the one I have in my sewingroom. It's rather new so it looks rather clean. On top of it you can see what I've been doing this weekend.
I've done almost all stitching on my new needlecase. Love it. It has a christmas theme, but perhaps it's time already to start making things for christmas LOL
My next ironingboard is one I bought at IKEA. I love this one. So easy to bring to workshops. And I can hang it in my cupboard when I'm not using it. Pretty new this one too.
And the last one is the Quilters Cut and Press. This one is rather used. A lot of vlisofix have burned down in the mat. Love this one too and use it when I have to iron small pieces. I keep it next to my sewingmachine so I don't have to turn around to reach my other ironing board.
So how does your ironing board look like. Visit Libby's blog and tell her.

Saying for today:

Blankets wrap you in warmth,
quilts wrap you in love


Lynette Anderson said...

What a thrill to see what you had on your ironing board, its the christmas needlecase I desiged especially for Honeysuckle Cottages Christmas club. Its looking great, thank you

Darlene said...

Your stitchery is wonderful, as usual. :-)

Your ironing boards look great!

Libby said...

Wow! 3 boards! Don't you love your Cut and Press? I keep two sizes, big for home and small for travel. Thanks for playing along *s*

Fils i robes said...

Hellow!! Your ironing boards look great!!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

The stitchery on your board looks too cute.

Amanda said...

My cut and press looks terrible, but I love it. Like you, take it everywhere with me.

Sweet P said...

Congrats on winning Libby's contest!

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