Sunday, November 28, 2010 sunday in advent

Today I lit the first candle in my advent decoration.

I am swapping advent calendar packages with Hanne, Bente and Nancy. We have four packages, one for each sunday in advent. Not only kids wants an advent calendar. It is so fun with these small packages and I really apricitate this tradition.

Hanne and Bente is visiting me this weekend and this sunday morning we was ready to open our first packages while eating breakfast.

It is so fun to open packages.

And this is what was in my packages today. From Bente I got colour cather (I really needed some now), from Hanne a tape measure in a cute box and a purple piece of fabric, from Nancy a lovely thimle from her trip to Texas and some embroidery needles. Thank you girls; I love it all :)

Saying for today is a Norwegian advent poem
which I have translated to english:

Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy
It stands there shining by itself
and we who present are
Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy.


Hanne said...

Ten thousand thanks for a lovely weekend :-)
I miss you already, but I will compensate with stitchery and a mug of coffee!

Frances Leate said...

What a lovely poem and such a nice tradition to light an advent candle. I also like the idea of advent presents. I collect thimbles too. Happy stitching!

Grethe said...

Koselig med advent og for en kjempe idè med adventsgaver!!
Ha en fin adventstid:-)

Rhonda Tenderholt said...

Hi, I'd love to have the Advent poem in Norwegian for Day 1. I saved all 4 days but would like it in Norwegian. My husband's 100% Norwegian (even tho he doesn't speak it) and I'd like to have this poem.


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