Sunday, November 14, 2010

A productive sunday

I had big plans spending all day in my sewingroom. I have a long list of Christmas presents I plan to make, and I better start doing it now with only 40 days to Christmas.

Frida cat enjoys me being in the sewingroom. She have her special place to sleep on the sewingtable, or she is sitting just staring out of the window. Think she loves the sound of the sewingmachine. But when I take a pause from my sewing and leave my chair, guess who is sleeping on my chair when I comes back :) The black spot on the chair is Frida cat.

I have had a very productive day in my sewingroom sewing on some tablerunners, tracing a lot of stitcheries and some small needleturn motifs. So now I have a lot to stitch on while watching tv.

Today LeKaQuilt became the 300th follower on my blog. And that deserves a little surprise from me. I have already got her mailadress and will post something in the next days. She has a lovely blog so please visit her.

Saying for today:

Time spent with cats is never wasted.


LeKaQuilt said...

Så flink du har vært i dag :o)
Det er da greit med ferdig oppvarmet

Laila said...

Hi. Love your tablerunner:-)
And thanks for pushing me to start making christmas gifts too :-)

Miriam said...

Love your saying for today!
The tablerunner you are sewing is beautiful.

Only 40 days till Christmas!!!!!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey May Britt! Can't wait to see your finished runners - already loving the look of the one on your machine! And good to know that Frida Cat is looking after the quality-control in your sewing room ... such a great help I'm sure she is! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Silk said...

Hi! The firts thing i have to say is that i love your blog. I always read your blog but i never write because my english isn't good (i'm very shy)
The tablerunner is beatiful!!Congratulations for your 300th followers!!!

P.D.sorry for my english!!! Kiss!

Stina said...

Oj Oj så härligt att se kreativa och duktiga människor skapa.. ser underbart ut... :o9

Sølvi's blog said...

Løperen din blir nydelig. de ull-kulene ser morsomme ut å sy. Vet at Wenche på northernquilts har hatt slikt ullstoff tidligere.

Kate said...

May Britt I think your Frida and my Henry are related, he too jumps on my sewing room chair as soon as I stand up, and has his sleeping spot behind the sewing machine, when I am sitting.

Love the tablerunner in your photo

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