Monday, August 06, 2012

Because I love Stitchery :) book update

I want you to visit Hannes blog and read her post about this. And then come back and read mine. 


As Hanne have showed her books by Lynette Anderson, I too want to show my collection of her books.  Which I love very much. I have almost all of her books and I know that now whenLynette is going to bring our request about full scaled pattern in her books to the publisher, I will continue to buy her books. 


Because I love her design.  As you can see I have several ongoing projects,  and patterns that I have already bought fabrics for.


And I have a big folder where I have organized the pattern I have bought from her. 


Lynette has received some unpleasant emails because my previous posts.  That was not the intention at all, and I am embarrased on your behalf if you have felt free to flame Lynette because of a blogpost I wrote.  Lynette is such a sweet lady and one of my favorite designers. 

It was the publisher we wanted to reach, and I have written an email to them to tell what we quilters want. 

Did you read Hannes blogpost about this.  If not go here and read.
I can sign up for what she has written.


This evening I will relax in front of the tv and do some cross stitches on the fourth block on the Scandinavian Christas Quilt.  Design…..Lynette Anderson.

And please, as the generous people I know you are, send Lynette a big hug! 

Saying for today:

A hug is worth a thousand words.
A friend is worth more.


Hanne said...

We do support the best designers - and Lynette is on my favourite list :-)

Kaaren said...

For perhaps a tiny bit of insight on this topic, please refer to the comment I left on Hanne's blog.

Briefly, unless you are self-published, a designer has very little control as to how a book is published. Once a manuscript has been relinquished to the publishing house, virtually all of the decisions are in their hands.

I agree that Lynette is a wonderful designer and I'm certain that if the final decision was up to her, she would have opted for line drawings being published at 100%.

Have a wonderfully creative week, May Britt!

Deb said...

Always learning that is for sure it is great that we have the ability to learn so much from each and everyone of you.
Respect in all aspects is required an opinion should be noted but only acted on by the opinionee.
I will go hug Lynette she is very giving kind and yes spectacular designs are always being created. Thanks for the lessons ladies it is always a treasure.

Little Penpen said...

Oh, I hate that her feelings were hurt. We all love Lynnette A, and I knew no one was singling her out in their post. We all want 100% patterns and I hope the publishers will do better from now on!!! (hugs)

Ondrea said...

Oh my! Some people really go overboard and I am sorry that Lynette ,yourself and Hanne have had to contend with such people. It constantly amazes me how rude some people can be. So unnecessary. I too love Lynette's designs. 3 cheers for Lynette.!!

Radka said...

It is awful for Lynette getting unpleasant email, she is a such lovely designer. But I am glad that you and Hanne have brought this issue to her attention and may be she will have some influence on how her books are published in the future. Lets hope :-)

Houseelf said...

As it is a publisher's idea to make life harder for us quilters, I think we should leave honest reviews on sites like Amazon where this has happened. It isn't just happening to Lynette's books but by others with this same company. Perhaps asking other designers to have a word with the publishers would strengthen Lynette's conversation?

It is an issue which needs resolving even if we end up with an on-line site where the patterns can be downloaded, if we can show the recipts for the effected books, it is better than nothing.

Lynette is such a great designer. It isn't fair that her publishers are selling her short like this.

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