Wednesday, August 01, 2012



Four more make up purses/sewing purses was finished yesterday.  I could have reported it on my July Opam, but since I already had mailed Peg and Khris, I decided to put them on the list for August.  I know there will not be so many finishes in August as it was in July.  OPAM July was a great month of finishes for me with a total of 69 finishes.  But this is all because of me making things to sell the marked next weekend.  So in this number there is a lot of small items like angels, pincushions, bookmarks, mugrugs and toilet/sewing purses. 


I really love these small purses. And now I have almost uses every piece of the fabrics I got in the Christmas gift challenge.


Accidentally I made the size so I keep my smallest embroidery hoop in it.  Love it.

Today the other ladies that I am sharing the marked booth with, is coming for a visit.  We are going to discuss what prices to sell our things.  That is always a big problem.  What price to put on our items.  Guess there will be another later today.

Saying for today:

Quilting fills my days, not to mention
the living room, bedroom and closets
Found at quilty sayings


Susan said...

I wish I could come to your market - I would buy so many of your things, including these lovely little purses.

Edny sine puslerier said...

Så fine mapper du lager. Den i innlegget under var så skjønn! Det er veldig vanskelig å sette priser på håndlagde ting. Man må prøve å finne en balansegang slik at man har litt igjen for strevet, men ikke så mye at ingen vil kjøpe. Håndlaget kvalitet har stor verdi! Lykke til;)

Hanne said...

You are making such nice things for your sale :-)

Grete said...

Skjønner at du må ha en del ting til markedet, men jeg er likevel imponert over hvor mye du rekker! Prissetting er vanskelig, det gjør at jeg helst ikke lager ting på bestilling, for jeg klarer ikke å ta "fornuftige" priser. Så da sta les det i egne skap, og så blir det gaver til utvalgte personer.

TLC said...

Love your Christmas Challenge! Wish I lived in Norway. Always dreamed of DH being stationed in Stavenger. He had a Norwegian AF classmate that gave us some alcohol that would grow hair on your chest. ;o) Said it was a necessary item for the cold winters. Hope your market is a huge success! Enjoy the rest of your vaca stitching!

Houseelf said...

I am making things for a charity to sell to raise money. I haven't got a clue about what price they ought to be. It is so hard to put a price on something you have made yourself.

Good luck with selling the beautiful things you have made.

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