Saturday, August 04, 2012

I love my books, but…….

Most of the blog post is removed by me because someone used it as an excuse to flame a designer I hold dear.
The post had frustrations about some books in it, but the frustration was not directed at the designs and the designers as persons, but at the publishing part.

The issue is being addressed on a higher level now - and all will be good in the future.

I also removed all the comments, not for not agreeing in what my friends wrote, but for not to fuel anyone out to flame others.
I hope you understand!


I love my books, and I have a lot of them. These books are my favorites at the moment, but I have several others in another bookshelf. It is so inspiring to have these books, and there is so much I want to make.



When I get new books I wants to start sewing at once. Like these two books. I love The Red Home by Natalie Bird and The Simple Life by Anni Downs.


So I could start stitching at once, and that gives results,


Happy stitching saturday
to everyone.

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