Thursday, August 02, 2012

Still sewing


Still sewing more zippered purses.  What else is there to do when the rain is pouring down. 


And I got two new books today.  Lovely projects in both, but I am very disapointed to read that almost all the patterns in the book  have to be enlarged about 200%.  That means that you have to be near a copymachine before you can start stitching.  My opinion is that all patterns should come in the right size.  Not everyone has the oportunity to get the pattern enlarged.  Luckily I do……. at work.

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

I so agree on the enlarging in the books - Do Not Like It.
I would rather pay a little more and get all the patterns in full scale.
It will prevent me from making much from the books.....

Your sewing machine must be loving all the attention you are giving it these days :-)

CountryFlo said...

Hello, I found this blog by accident and I think it's wonderful! You are talented! I live in Italy, in Milan, I'd like to make some quilts that you've published. You sell the patterns and fabrics? Or you can help me and tell me who I contact to buy the kits?? thank you very much

Deb said...

Agree totally, for the price you pay on the books that should be a given!! Even mags some of them will put inserts in with the to size pattern it only makes sence!
Your saying today is very appropriate. I was at a stop light and a man was sternly looking out his window in the van, I gave him a smile and a wave and all of a sudden he had a big wonderful smile and waved back. I think it made his day, it made my smile even bigger. I know it will be passed on.

Houseelf said...

I feel the same way as you about having to enlarge patterns. I am useless at doing this on my little printer, so it is pot luck at what comes out. To do a Lynette Anderson 200% enlargement, I ended up with about 8 bits of paper taped together as I couldn't manage to get it onto 1 or 2 A4s. It was so frustrating and has led to me not buying some books. If a magazine can manage to give you many designs at full size for around £5, why can't a book which costs £12? It isn't worth my frustration to buy such books when there are lovely books with full size patterns.

Perhaps there should be an e-petition ( ?) with a link people can put on their blogs.

Lovely zipped bags. I hope they sell well for you.

Sheila said...

I so agree about the patterns in books. Both my friend and I have books by this same author (whose work I love) but neither of us can enlarge on our copiers, and we cannot find a commercial copier anywhere near that enlarges either. So her designs go unmade :(
And no further books will be bought!

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