Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Market, new shop and buttons

The days just goes so fast and I have been so busy.  So here is a little summary since last blogpost.



We had a lot of fun at the market.  A lot of visitiors in our booth and we sold a lot.  Had perhaps wished for more to be sold, but I am pleased.  Of course we had brought sewing with us, and there was a lot of people coming up to us to talk and see what we were doing.


I stitched on my Scandinavian Christmas and now I have finished all the big blocks and have started to stitch on the small snowflake blocks.

New shop


Monday I visited Hanne.  So nice to stay over at her place when I am at work in that area.  Just a few minutes from her place a new quiltshop has opened (Hanne has more photos from the shop in this post).  And luckily Marianne at Trådsnella waited for Hanne and me after her closing time to let us do some shopping. 



A beautiful shop with my kind of fabric lines.  Know I will be visiting this shop again.


This time I bought these wonderful fabrics. 



Some time ago I won a giveaway over at Yvonne W Design.  And last week this pattern arrived in my mailbox.  I love this Christmas cushion and hope I manage to sew it for this Christmas.

WOW……….only 4 months to Christmas!!!!!!!!!

I had to wait blogging this because Yvonne had been so nice to add extra buttons for Hanne so she also can make this cushion, as well as…………


two amazing handpainted brooches as a extra gift.  One for me and one for Hanne.  So I had to keep it a secret until I had visited Hanne.  Hard to choose which brooche to give to her and which one I should keep, so I put both in evelopes and then Hannes husband gave one envelope to me and one to Hanne.  I got the house and I am so happy with it.  Thank you Yvonne.  I love the pattern and I love the brooche.

Saying for today:



Wonky Girl said...

Oh my- I would shop there too. I also very much like the creams and reds you were drawn to. Hand painted brooches! I have not seen any like those- they are very wonderful too ;)

Radka said...

I like the look of the new shop!

Yvonne W said...

The shop looks lovely-- I love the reds and creams there. I am sure I would be visiting it frequently if I lived nearby. The market sounds a success-- looks like you had good weather for it too. I am glad you like the brooches-- I enjoyed painting them.

Maresca said...

Che bello! Complimenti. Ciao

sewkalico said...

What beautiful brooches - I love the house one!! Glad the market went well - perhaps you can list your other market items on etsy, I am sure many of your blog readers would want to buy your beautiful things!

Ondrea said...

Another lovely post ,May.Thanks for sharing.

Hanne said...

Thanks for a lovely visit :-)

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful prize. I'm so glad you managed to sell a lot. Times are hard at the moment so it is a good sign. What a lovely shop! Well done with your SC progress. There are too many of those little red crosses. I developed red cross aversion by the end. LOL

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