Monday, October 14, 2013

Recycled fabrics is fun


This is the results from saturdays workshop.  All fabrics that are used are from recycled shirts.
Think I will make more of those small makeupbags.  Love it.


Bought two “jellyrolls” with recycled fabrics .  The blue one is a little challenge to myself, but I have an idea what to make of it.


And the purple one is to be included with the purple fabrics I have been collecting lately.  Thought I had no purple fabrics in my stash, but now when going through the stash I find one piece here and one piece there.  Have noe idea yet what to make with them, but I have a lot of different paperpiecing templates I have not tested yet (you can see a glimpse of them behind the fabrics).

Saying for today:



evaj said...

Så mycket "godis " du visar idag!!Bambikram

Stina... said...

Hur kul som helst!!! Underbart! :0)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great projects May Britt, it must have been a fun day.

Susan said...

Great recycled projects. I'm adding some purple at the moment too.

mascanlon said...

Such lovely projects the last few weeks May Britt! The Christmas quilts and the red pp projects, I am so impressed (as always)

margaret said...

plenty of old shirts there, did you buy the jelly roll one or make it up yourself. I wonder if any of your colleagues have any shirts left!

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