Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The blog is not uploading all the photos I want under one title so I had to create another one.

I have also received a beautiful heart from Maureen. I love it.

When I got the heart from Pat there was some extras. Among it was a piece of fabric with a gypsy girl on it. My DD wanted to draw her before I sewed her into something and here is her drawing. I am proud of my DD

This RR came to me today. It is Synnøve who is the owner on it. Now it is my turn to do my work on it. I see that there is a free spot for me up in the right corner, all down in the middle and down in the left corner. What to do I do not know now, but I get so much inspiration from other blogs that I do not think I will have any problem finding somthing to sew.

Below is some closeups of the work done earlier. I am the last one of this RR, so soon it will return home to Synnøve.

I wonder what the mailbox will bring me tomorrow :) I am a bit spoiled now.


Libby said...

What an outstanding mailbox day. Everything you received is so nice. The hearts are all so different. Look forward to seeing what you decide to do on the RR block.

Linda C said...

No wonder you cannot wait for the mail person to come with lovely things like that inside. Your daughter is quite talented!

Darlene said...

I am at complete loss for words. My goodness those hearts and RR are incredibly beautiful. Such a gathering of talent.

And, the packages of embellishements are so terrific they make me want to order some just to own them and love them. LOL

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