Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1th

It is already July. The summer month. It's been a cloudy but warm summerday. It was nice sitting out on the porch reading and sewing. I can't believe that six months of this year have already gone. Only 5 1/2 month to christmas! And I who had the great intention to start early on christmas gifts this year. Have I done many of them......... none!!!!

It seems to be very quiet on blogs now. I think that's perhaps because a lot of you are on summer vacations right now. My summer holiday is approching very fast.

On thursday my winnings from Sharons give away on her blog Red Geranium Cottage came in my mailbox. I love them all. Thank you so very much Sharon for sending these goodies all the way to me in Norway. Look at this beautiful little bag she had made. Perfect to bring a little stitchery, my scissor and needles in it out on the porch.
And look at all the other goodies. My DD has already made a wish. She want me to make a quilt for her out of the lovely charms I got. And of course I will do that :) Perhaps she wants to bring it with her when she's leaving for the school in august. And for all of you that wished they won the little tray. I love it. Perfect to bring my sandwich on it out on the porch :)
Today I finished block # 6 on Leannes House and I sewed all six blocks together. I love the way it looks so far. I wish I had used more red in block #5 and #6, but I think it will look different when I get the next row finished. I regret not stitching with batting under the blocks. Do not know why I didn't do it in the beginning. Perhaps I was to eager to start on it and I did not have enough batting at that time. So I have deliberately not stitched all stars or french knots. I will do the rest when I get the batting on.
I started the application on block #7 today. It is not that much sewing left now on the last three blocks. So I guess I finish them this month and get the batting on so that I can start handquilting it.
I also made this little bag some days ago. I just have to sew the zipper in to it. And this one I get to keep. My DD didn't like the colours in this one LOL. So this will be my summer toilet purse.
And when sitting out on the porch today I started the preparation on more AD blocks. I have not worked on this project for a long time. I have made 22 blocks so far. If you want to see them you can find a link to them at my sidebar. What.........I have linked only 20 blocks!!! That means I have 2 blocks I have not showed you yet. I have to check that tomorrow.
It takes a long time to prepare these blocks. First draw all the shapes on freezer paper, cut them out, iron them on the fabric, then cut the shapes again. I have made 5 new blocks today. So now they are all in envelopes ready to be appliqued. This will be one of the projects I will bring with me on my summer holiday. Together with the remaining blocks of Leannes House. And some stitchery I will prepare tomorrow.
Saying for today:
May all of your ups and downs
in life be with a needle and thread.


Unknown said...

You have been busy May Britt. What a lovely prize you received, you lucky girl. Today was our first day in 19 days without rain, so nice to see the sun shining. Where are you going for your summer vacation?

Vicki W said...

You are not alone - I haven't made any of my Christmas gifts yet either! I just adore that quilt you are making and am really enjoying watching it go together.

sewprimitive karen said...

What a great post, May. You have been so productive. Kinda wish you hadn't mentioned how close we are to Christmas already though LOL!

~Bren~ said...

What a wonderful prize you won. Youe Leanne's House quilt is coming along wonderfully. I tried to see where you wanted more red but it all seemed to flow so nicely I couldn't tell where you were talking about. Bren

Tanya said...

You have really been getting a lot done haven't you! Everything looks great! I wish I had been doing Leanne's project with you. It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the AD blocks all together.

Darlene said...

Your prize tote with tray and other goodies from Sharon is adorable. Enjoy!

My goodness Leanne's House is beautiful.

Look, you're prepping AD blocks again - I love that project.


CONNIE W said...

What great photos of all your projects and all. Love the Leanne's House one.

Anonymous said...

May Britt, glad you like all your goodies. And I'm so happy they made it to you. I've never shipped that far before. It was fun.:-) Love your quilt you are working on. That is beautiful. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Hanne said...

Good morning to you :-)

I see I have to keep a speedy stitchery needle to not fall to far behind you on LH ;-)
Yours is absolutely lovely!
So - I must get my caffein level up and get to work on my LH block # 3

The gift from Sharon is wonderful.

The AD blocks have been on my mind lately too. Yours looks very good.

Anne Ida said...

Your Leanne's house look wonderful! Can hardly wait to see more of it :o) Makes my fingers itch ...wonder when I'll get to mine...? The gift from Sharon looks terrific! Enjoy! And have a great summer!

meggie said...

Awww May Britt, you are just too cute!
I love your blog, & glad to see you back. Though also glad you had a nice time

Rose Johnston said...

U have been very busy!!! love the bag , its perfect for carrying stitchery and ur quilt looks it really on 5 1/2 months till Xmas?? have to start thinking about some handmade gifts (bet im still stitching on xmas eve lol)
take care

sewkalico said...

Your AD blocks are beautiful! You have inspired me to get the book. Hopefully I will get a chance to give them a try, if not, I'm sure I will enjoy the book until I find the time.

Leanne's house blocks are wonderful. I am very impressed with your work. Can't wait to see what you make for your daughter from your winning fabric.

Wendy said...

What a nice little goodies package you received, the bag is prefect for carrying stitching. The Leanne's quilt is wonderful, your stitching and colours look great. I don't put batting behind when I'm stitching, I use a fusible interfacing instead.
Enjoy the lazy days of summer!

Judith said...

The goodies you received are beautifull. The bag you made looks great and I just love your leanne house bom.

Aless.M.Ruffini said...

wow!!!! Iìd allways said that your are great!!!!! and so busy......
If your dd don't like a little bag....send it to me....I love it!!!! ;-))))))))

Carole said...

Wow, you've been a busy gal! Love those goodies from Sharon. Your Leanne's House embroidery blocks look lovely. Why would you need to do the stitchery with batting? Love the bag too! Thanks for sharing!

Judy said...

May the quilt is just turning out so beautiful! I love the bright cheerful colors!

Anonymous said...

so much you have done the last day and it looks very nice ;-) The pirze you received was very nice :))
Take care!

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