Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Missed me???

This weekend I was in Oslo to celebrate midsummer. But it rained and rained all weekend. So no BQ, only schrimps and white wine in front of the tv. When I first was in Oslo I had to visit Katrines Quiltstue. There I met my friend Kristin. She is also a quilter (mostly crazy quilting) and she is also in the board of The Norwegian Quilters Association. Kristin in the front and Katrine who owns this quiltshop behind the counter cutting fabrics.

Let me show you some other photos from Katrines Quiltestue

The quilt hanging over the door is parts from a Bareroot Pattern. And I want to make this one.

The japaneese fabric corner. My favorite part of the shop, next after Moda.Red and brown is sooooo beautiful together.

I was very very clever this time. I bought only fabrics I have a plan with. The one to the left is going to be in my christmas table cloth I started on in mai. The other one I meant go go with the Lecien fabrics I got for christmas last year.
But when I placed the bundle of Lecien fabrics on top of the newly bought fabric, I don't think it looks like what I have intended. It is too "dark". I have to look for a lighter fabric. Not clean white, but a bit more white than this. I want it to be the background fabric and this one is too similar to the colurs in the bundle. And I bought 1.5 m of this fabric. So I have to look further for the prefect fabric. So this project have to wait. And I who finally had decided what to do!!!!! Typical. Yesterday I visited my friend Laila in Trysil. I helped her to start blogging. So please visit her blog Jacobs Quilt and wish her welcome to blogworld. She is a very skilled quilter and she has sooooooo many lovely things to show you. So please encourage her to continue with her blog. Laila....here is the quilting smiley we were looking for yesterday.


And please forgive me.........

It looks like I won another give away over at Caroles blog Quilting adventures. I am a very lucky girl right now, so I think I have to buy a lottery ticket. I'm a bit embarrassed winning twice, but I guess we all have the same fair chance to win when we post a comment on giveaways.

I got a mail from Tanya. Her prize in my give away has already reached Japan. Only one week since I posted it. This time the postman travelled fast.


Saying for today:

Anyone who says money can't buy happiness
doesn't know where to shop

You all know what I mean.


Unknown said...

May Britt I love your collection of fabrics, they are beautiful. Glad you had a fun day with your friends.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... I see some new projects coming out, soon !

(Where did you get such funny smiley's ?.... and how did you load them on your blog???? I'm jealous ! LOL)

Hugs & smiles,

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, May! Where'd you get those cute quilting smileys? Love the quilt shop photos.

Unknown said...

Thank you for showing us the pictures from the quilt shop.

~Bren~ said...

Wonderful pictures. Made me feel like I was there (almost). What a fun time.

Laila said...

Yes I miss you on the blog, but it seems that you had a wonderful midtsummer weekend. Love to see your buyings.

Unknown said...

Good to see you back - of course we've missed you :o)

Helen said...

Thanks for the photos of the lovely quilt shop. Congratulations on your wins. It is the middle of winter here, so enjoy the summer while it lasts. (I think your winter will be colder than where I am)

Anne Ida said...

Hi! Nice to read a post from you again :o) The weather was awfull this weekend, so veging out in front of the tv wasn't a bad option. Love your pictures from Katrine's! Strange what you notice and don't notice... I was there last week, and what stuck to my memory from the display was their version of the Gardener's quilt by Anni Downs (hangs on the left as soon as you enter the door) - one quilt you haven't showed a pic of :o)

Yvonne said...

Great pictures...so nice of you to share your fun day. I love the fabrics....will be waiting to see what you come up with.

Teodo said...

You are very luchy lucky.
Lovely these fabrics and thanks for the pics.
ciao ciao

Libby said...

Even with no barbecue it sounds like a fun day - shrimp and quilt fabrics, too.

Darlene said...

Of course, we missed you!

Lots of fun - good food and quilting what else could you need. :-)

Beautiful quilt store.

Elin said...

I remember one summer day two years back I had a wonderful time in this shop, and I have always been longing back! I envy all those quilters who live near by Kathrines Quiltestue and Lappemakeriet.

Anonymous said...

May Britt,
I think the fabric you bought goes great with the bundle. It's perfect. I love those together. Loved seeing the quilts at the shop you go to also.Thanks for sharing. Hope your winnings arrive to you soon. I can't believe you won again. :-)

marisa said...

Happy to visit your blog, it's very beautiful.Ciao

meggie said...

Congratulations May Britt!! Couldnt go to a lovlier person! Well done!!
I wish I could visit at that quilt shop.

Susan said...

Wonderful fabrics, and I know that other beige will come in handy for another project. It isn't wasted money. =) You will also find a very nice fabric to go with the ones you are ready to use. Thanks for the tour of the quilt shop. It looks like it could be over here! =) Good to know that if I speak quilt, I will get by! I love Bare Roots patterns. She is one of the nicest young girls ever, too.

meggie said...

May Britt, you are such a lovely person! You brighten the world. You deserve to win, & congratulations.
Those fabrics are so nice looking!

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