Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why do you craft and some sewing today

I have been tagged by Anne Heidi to answer a few crafty questions.

The rules are: Answer the following on your blog and then let five other bloggers know that you have tagged them to complete the meme.

1. When did you start to create and make craft?
I think I have createt things since I was a little child. Remember (or perhaps I rememeber because someone told me) when I was about 4-5 years old. I sat under my mom's sewingtable when she was sewing. I too wanted to sew and I found a beautiful fabric, white with red dots on, and I started to cut in it. I don't think my mom was so happy when she discovered it. It was her newest unused blouse I had found LOL
I have always loved making things. When I was i school I always brought my knitting with me. I have no idea how many sweathers I have knitted through boring schoolhours.
But my love for quilting started in 1997 when I moved "home". I discovered the local quiltshop and took a class in handstitching and handquilting. And from that time I was hooked on fabric, batting, colours, shapes, patterns aso.

2. Why did you start creating?
Bedause I love playing with fabric, colours and patterns.

3. Why do you create?
Can't imagine myself one day without anything to create. Now when my shoulder is hurting and I have to take it slow, I am so restless. I WANT TO CREATE!!!!

4. What do you create?
but I want to start to knit again when my arm is healed. And perhaps some chrochet. Or perhaps finish all my cross stitch projects that's hidden in the attic.

5. Has this changed since you began crafting?
I guess nothing has changed since I'm very clever at starting new projects over and over again.

But one thing is for sure that when I started quilting I got so many new friends. Even more friends when I started blogging.

And now I would like to tag Libby, Donna, Nadine, Leanne (The stitching Room) and Laila. I hope you all will do this little game, if not that's ok too.

Look what a got from my good friend Anita (who has done very little blogging lately, hope she gets her creativity back soon). A beautiful card......is it me LOL and this package of.......

100 pieces of 5x5 inches Fossil Fern fabrics from Bernatex. A delayed birthdaygift, thanks Anita!!!! I was thinking of going for a long walk today in the sun, but the roads were so icy so I did not dare to do it. I almost fell on my back when I went to the mailbox. So I stayed indoors and did a little sewing. My shoulder is a bit groumphy today so I decided to use the sewingmachine. Perhaps start making some christmaspresents.

So this is what I made. Two small purses with a click lock (do you call it that???) You just press the two sides against eachother and click......it opens. I want to make more of these, but I have to find a place that sells the click lock. No shop here in Elverum have them.

Saying for today:

There is nothing so nice as a cheerful word


Doodlebug Gail said...

What cute little click-lock bags! I'll have to look into buying some of those. Lucky you ... 100 pieces of Fossil Fern fabrics! What will you make with them?

Katie said...

Now why did I never think to take knitting to school?

Sølvis blog said...

Søte punger - jeg kan sjekke her i byen om noen har slike klemme-låser, mener å ha sett dem for ikke så lenge siden, men husker ikke hvor.

Anonymous said...

GREAT birthday presents ! And how I LOVE these click-lock bags ! (Will have to ask one to Santa Claus... LOL)
Knitting is not my cup of tea - unless it's a scarf, or something VERY simple - but I ADORE crochet and dream of making those multi coloured "Granny Squares" (with a kind of flower in the center - see what I mean ?).. then I would piece them all together, to make a biiiig blanket (kind of quilt, after all ?).
Soooo : here's one other thing you'll have to teach me when I come
(and the list goes on ! LOL LOL)

Big HUG to you !
ps : about the meme : I think I already answered most questions in my post about my quilting bee... does that count ? Can I tag 5 others ? (LOVE that !)

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

De er godt nok soede ! Jeg er vild med stoffet med de smaa tasker. Er det koebt i Norge ?

Pat said...

I love your little click lock bags. Enjoy your new fabric.

Rose Johnston said...

Those bags r adorable!!! Ive always done some form of craft since i was little but i wish i had of thought of taking it to school with me lol

Anne Ida said...

Oh those 100 squares of Fosil Ferns looks yummy! Lucky you!

And your little purses are wonderful! So cute! The locks... I know Quiltegaarden used to have them (sold out last time I checked the website, though...), so check with Siw if you can't find them somewhere closer.

Hope you have a good day, and the shoulder is behaving nicely! Hugs...

Anonymous said...

Good morning...well its AM where I am in California. Glad you are getting back into some more sewing. I'm anxious to see my BOMs start that I found through you last week! Since one is a 2008 Christmas gift of the month project maybe next year I won't be in such a dither!

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for posting the craft meme -- I enjoyed reading about you! Those little click-lock bags are adorable -- I think the mechanisms are kind of hard to find here too.

Libby said...

Thanks for the tag - gosh . . . I didn't realize how long I had been making things until I sat down to write the post.

Unknown said...

I see you have a countdown to Christmas and have started making gifts, you are so active. I am sorry to hear about your shoulder, hopefully it is just one bad day.

Susan said...

I did find some flex frames. The url is:


If you would like some I can get them here and send them to you.

That is a great ides.

Thanks for sharing

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