Friday, April 15, 2011

Meeting Sue Daley

After spending some time on Hannes porch yesterday, we drove up to Voksen kirke where Sue Daley teaches in 3 different workshops this week. And yesterday she also was giving a presentation of herself and her work (Show and Tell)

While waiting we (of course) inspected all the goodies Kathrines Quiltestue had on display on the tables.

A lot of inspiration, and of course Sue Daleys templates was in focus.

Must admit there was a lot of temptations.

Waiting for the Show and Tell. Several of these ladies had already attended a workshop with Sue this day, and we others were soooooooo envious LOL.

A lot of ladies came to listen to Sue and see her Show and Tell.

And finally she came :) It was so fun that she earlier this day had asked for me. And she recognized me with my name when she met me. I was the first one winning a prize on her blog several years ago, and we were both Stitchers Angels in 2009. She is such a wonderful women, easy to talk with and so kind. I am so thrilled to have met her.

Before Sue started with her presentation, there was a show and tell by ladies who had brought with them quilts made from Sue's patterns. Sue told us she loved to see how different her patterns turned out with other colour choises.

And then Sue started her presentation and Show and Tell. I am in love with this quilt called It Takes Two, and will start sewing on it this weekend.

A closeup of the quilt.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Faith, Hope and Love

I love this quilt too, and want to make this one too!!!!!

Under a Souther Star. Look at Kathrine taking photos of us taking photos of the quilt

Floral Lanterns

Sue gave us all so much inspiration and I now have so many ideas in my head.

Cassie's Quilt

Antique Sampler

Gypsye Garden

Kathrines Quiltestue have this quilt Pie and Tarts as a BOM. I bought this pattern long time ago, now I want to start seweing on this again.

Thank you Sue for this wonderful inspiring presentation.

I just bought a few must-have things yesterday. Refill to my glue pen, some paper piecing shapes, the thread Sue reccomended, her needles and 2.5 m of a beautiful backing fabric. This I am going to use in my It Takes Two quilt.


Laila said...

Yes it was realy a great evening, but I saw soooo mutch I want to do..
How can I get more sewing time??

Anonymous said...

We had her in Belgium too, a few weeks ago ;>)
I'm starting her Antique Quilt, it was love at first sight.
I also love very much the "Faith, Hope and Love" one...


Anne Ida said...

Lots and lots of inspiration and a fun evening :o) Fingers itch to stitch!

Bizzy Martine said...

Hi, I met Sue a few weeks ago in Belgium at Atelier Salgarollo. She's a very nice ladie. I hope to see her again next year.
I posted pictures on my blog to.


Oh my what a lovely time and what beautiful quilts you showed us--thanks!!! I think my favorite is also --it takes two!!! Is that just a pattern or in one of her books???
Hugs, di and that miss gracie

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

May Britt....fantastic post, so pleased you had such a wonderful time...

Katie said...

Wow! I'm inspired too! :-)

Stina Blomgren said...

Firstly ... I want to wish you all the luck and all the fun to start a new quilt.. Which will be just wonderful!!!
And secondly ... Thanks for the wonderful blogpost about your meeting with Sue... So many wonderful quilts!!! Oh my!!:0)

suz said...

How lucky you were to get to go to see Sue. I met her a couple of times at Quilt Market. She is so sweet and so talented! Can't wait to see how your quilt develops!

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