Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful easter

I had never thought I ever should decorate my easter table with hvitveis (no)
Where I live this is almost a month to early to find.
The weather this easter has been so wondeful.
Feels like summerdays.
Enjoying my children visiting,
ice cream and strawberries on the porch,
sewing outside each day,
feeling the sun in my face.

Life is good :)

Saying for today:
Let us dance in the sun,
wearing wild flowers in our hair...

~Susan Polis Shutz


Ulla said...

Lovely spring colours we never get here in the north.

Anne Ida said...

Nyyyyydlig! Hvitveis (white anemonies) gir virkelig følelsen av vår! Fortsatt god påske!

Melody said...

I agree May. I've been so happy that the weather has been so nice. We're having a cold snap that made me happy I haven't planted anything yet but I have been out cleaning out the garden.
We still have the possibility of snow her for a bit yet but it's been just beautiful.
Happy Easter!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Vi har også tilbringt dagene utomhus denne påska, og de to siste dagene har vært fylt av masse sol og varmegrader :-)
Hvitveisen har bebynt å vise seg her også, så det blir nok å plukke en bukett før påska er over :-)
Fortsatt god påske,

suz said...

The flowers are lovely. I'm so glad you are having good weather. We were promised it here in New Hampshire, but it actually snowed(!) on Saturday! Sunday wasn't too great either. I'm really looking forward to sewing on my new porch.
Happy Easter, May Britt.

Stina said...

Glad Påsk...:0)
Njut av värmen... !

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