Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What’s in your boxes?

Happy new sewing year to all my blogging friends.

Hope 2013 will bring a lot of sewingtime and happiness in the sewing room.  I guess you, like me have a lot of WISP’s stored away there.  Every year my intentions is to have focus projects every week (month) to finally get some finishes. I will join OPAM 2013 because this way I push myself to have at least one finish each month. In 2012 I had no finish in november (shame on me) but I had a total of 140 finishes for the whole year.

Keeping focus usually starts very well in the beginning of the year. But then there is so much inspiration and temptations. and new projects always find their way to my sewingroom.

My one and only new year promise this year is just to have fun in my sewingroom. Project that makes me feel bad, or I feel is booooooooring to sew on right now, is allowed to be stored away (forgotten), given away or just thrown away. And new fabric is bought to be used at once.

So please join me:  Let’s have fun in the sewingroom.


Today I looked through some of my boxes in my sewingroom to check out which projects will have my focus right now.  I love to store my project in all kind of boxes.  I hate plasticbags and try to keep my projects in boxes or in sewingpurses.


Box number 1 stores my snowmen. I gave Hanne these as a challenge in her adventcalendar. I have finished the first three, and today I spendt some time prepping all the snowmen + the center block stitchery.  Now it will be easy to take with me when I need som easy sewing. Goal:  To have this one finished before summer starts.


In box number 2 you can see the log cabin blocks I started some months ago.  I have done 21 blocks, but still have a lot of blocks to make.  Note to myself:  Try to make at least five blocks each week.


In box number three is a project I want to make, but have done done so much on yet.  As you all know I love needleturn, so I will enjoy making these blocks.  Two are already done, and I have four more ready to be appliqued.  Perhaps not my first priority now, but this will be my spring/summer focus.  Hanne; do you remember you telling me that you too wanted to make this quilt. Are you still with me on this.  Always fun to have someone to sew along with.


And of course, in box number four you can see my basket blocks.  I love this quilt and my goal is to have it finished before I meet Sue again in april.  I have started to applique on the center block and have only 14 basketblocks left to applique.  I guess this project will have my first priority right now. 


Box number five stores the five finished blocks for the Red Home quilt.  I am so looking forward to start working on this quilt again.  Looking through the box I also found the stitchery for the table centre from this book.  I had almost forgotten I had finished stitching it.  Love this book and there is so many more things I want to make from it. 


Box number six stores a project I have not worked on for a long time.  It is the antique sampler quilt (design Sue Daley).  Just have to applique the outher border and the top is finished.  Goal:  Perhaps have the top finished before april??


Not stored in a box, but this is also a project I will enjoy working on in 2013.  Another Sue Daley project.  This is just going to be a “having fun” project.  Make a block now and then and just have fun playing with the paper pieces.  And some day there will be a quilt in red and white.

So this is what SOME of my boxes stores.  And I have SEVERAL MORE boxex and sewingpurses that stores WISPS, but I have showed you the one I want to have focus on now in 2013 (among new projects I know will come LOL)

Now my question for you is:  What’s in your boxes?

Make a blogpost and give me a little notice about when you have posted it.

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

What is in my boxes?
About everything I have in my sewing corner are stored in boxes - projects, patterns, thread, fabric..... ;-)

What is my project priority?
Not to be revealed! :-))

I will however follow you on some of the projects, but not just now, as I have secret projects with deadlines coming closer by the day !

HerzBlatt said...

I have boxes like these ,too, but I hide them....forget them and years later, when I find them, I am very astonished and either I finish some of them or I hide them again...The year will come that I am able to finish it....*lol*...
I have a very important question: What please is a "1/4 inch bias maker"??? I can`t find a good translation and I don`t know if I might buy it in Germany, too...
It looks very practical.

blauraute said...

I've only one box with 2 quilts for our sleepingroom, but I'll start 2 other projects: the winter wonderland quilt and oh my stars. I'm sure there will be following many other projects during the year.
A happy new year to you

Darlene said...

Fun projects in your boxes. Thank you for sharing. The snowmen are adorable, May Britt.

Happy New Year. Wishing you many, many hours in your sewing room.

Sandi said...

I have a lot of ufo's haunting me and thing I will work on the most recent and near to hand.

I do have an outstanding online exchange group of blocks to make due later this month.

I think I will start with a block of the week along with the freebie i got from Primitive Gatherings from both 2011 and 2012. Wish me luck"

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Happy New Sewing Year to you too!! This is a great idea to storage your unfinished projects, I need to do something like this, thanks for the inspiration! Silvia x

Susan said...

What a gorgeous assortment of projects you have planned for 2013. When I get home from holidays i'm going to make my sewing priorities for 2013 too, and I think it's a great idea to do the sewing you love. It's supposed to be fun, right.

Marina said...

Your box contents are very pretty. I have about 6 boxes each one a different unfinished quilt :) One of them has a collection of jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm packs. Time for me to get cracking in 2013 LOL Have a happy new year

Melody said...

You've got heaps of great projects on the go

Quilteuse Forever said...

Just like you, I only want to have fun when sewing, I do not want to get bored by disappointing projects anymore.
You have overwhelming projects May Britt, sure you'll have a great sewing & quilting year !

Elaine said...

Thank you for this! I have posted the contents of my hibernating WIP's for all to see on my blog ;)

sewkalico said...

Such wonderful projects on the go!!! The Sue Daley project looks like 'candid hexagons' - is that right? I think that may have to be my next handwork project when I get a few other things finished!! My projects are not as organised as yours!! I think they are just scattered and hidden EVERYWHERE! Happy 2013 to you and yours! x

Teresa said...

How fun to see into your boxes. Some of the projects I remember from previous posts, but some were new to me. They are all so special in their own way, and together make a beautiful collection of projects to work on.
Good luck in meeting your goals!

Kim Brackett said...

140 finishes -- that's very impressive! I store things in boxes, too, but nothing as pretty as yours. I'll enjoy watching your progress on all those projects.

Hope you have a productive 2013!

pandchintz said...

I'm a great "in the box" girl and have posted for one of these boxes to be explored as part of my List For 2013. There are many, many, many more all over my sewing room!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy New Year May Britt...lots of boxes at my place as well...LOL

Ondrea said...

Gee, you make me feel better now that I realise I am not the only one with heaps of unfinished projects. I have several stitcheries completed ready to make into quilts, at least 3 that I can think of. I also have 2 unfinished quilts , both handpieced and a couple of other quilts that I put aside because something was wrong. There are more projects in boxes but I can't remember what they are.

Quilter Kathy said...

What lovely projects you have to start the year! Enjoy each one!
I must check mine...and label them all so I know what I am working on still!

Grethe said...

Spennende å se hogenet!, Nå skal ned snart! Om- organisere alt! Mitt:)) blir helt inspirert av deg. Du har mange flott ting å kose deg med; ha et flott nytt sy år

amala said...

i use to store my WISPs in those boxes, too. so, what's in my boxes? first of all, my amish circle letter quilt. i am about halfway, then i had to pause due to an injury. i think i want to try to finish at leat one or two blocks each month, just to keep going.

then i have started a sampler two years ago. the patterns were (are) provided in an online-group, but i'm not sure whether i really want to finish this quilt....maybe.

and i have begun a story-book-quilt two years ago. only 2 blocks left to go - i should be able to finish it in 2013 :)

maybritt, i want to wish you a very happy new year. thank you so much for sharing a part of your creative life with us - i appreciate this very much. thank you!

mascanlon said...

Oh goodness, I am afraid to look into my boxes! But I will...first a Christmas quilt with most of the blocks complete. I should finish it by June. A quilt for my dear sil, pieces all cut out but I need to cut the background blocks and then its an easy raw edge applique project. And the next realistic one would be an applique dresden plate in lovely soft colors, about half the blocks done...maybe by Fall. I have 2 new baby quilts do do this Spring and a graduation quilt for my granddaughter. I'd better get busy too. Thanks for all your inspiration throughout the year May Britt.

Grit said...

Happy New Year for you.
Nice projects in your boxes. Thank you for sharing.

I have a lot of boxes too. My first box is Hexagonquilt "La Passion", Easy Street, Weddingring and Oh My Stars and a lot of cross stitch.

I hope this year is long.

Liebe Grüße Grit

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

WOW! Det var noen ferdige prosjekter det!!! Jeg blir imponert!
Og du har jammen så mye flott på gang også, gleder meg til å se noen av disse ferdig!
Takk for inspirasjonen forresten. Klarte ikke la vær å bestille basket quilten som BOM ;o)

K said...

I have all my projects organized this way too.... I have 11 BOMs going as well as a few kits started. Crazy I know!

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