Saturday, September 09, 2006

At the library today

Today I was at the library with some of my quilts. They had asked me if I could be the september exhibitor. I have showed my quilts there about five years ago, and several had asked the library to invite me again. I feel honored of being asked. The space is limited so I hade to choose quilts that I belived had not been showed there before. Below are some of the quilts.
First my four seasons. The winter quilt is after a pattern from Kristin Pollen which was published in a norwegian magazine some years ago. I feel that everyone in Norway made this quilt and I understand, I love the pattern. But when I had done winter, I felt that I had to make a spring, summer and autumn quilt based on the winterpattern. And so I did. Spring, summer and autumn is my own design. And I had fun making them. This four quilts are handstitched and handquiltet.

The next one is made of my ugly fabrics :) But I think it turned out very well. I love it. This one is pieced by machine, but I have quilted it by hand.

The quilt in the upper left corner is one of my favourits. I call it "Inside my head". And the quilt describes how everything sometimes turns around in my head :) All my ideas, my fantasy and my will to create. Made from a pattern I found in american P&C. Handstitched and handquilted.

The quilt in the upper right corner is called "My moonglow". Several of my friends have made the real moonglow quilt, but I wanted to do my own based on the colours. (and I did not afford to buy the whole real moonglowpattern at that time:) I gave this quilt to my DD and she loves it. When I told her today that I was going to sell some of my quilts she got afraid: Mum you do NOT sell my moonglow!!!!! She is safe. This quit will never be sold. I love it. Handstitched and handquiltet.

My first quilt I made. I show this and advertise for my handstitching and handquilting classes. This autumn is the first in many years I do not have enough participants to to start it. But I have to admit I feel a bit relieved, because I have too much to do now. And all my other classes are full.

A miniature scrapquilt and a welcom quilt.

In this cabinet I have some tablerunners and some miniatures. All of it is handstitched and handquiltet. The library did not have so much space for me to show my quilts. They are used to other crafters having small paintings aso. Not quilts that takes a lot of space on the walls. I brought home several quilts that I could not find any place to hang up there. Now you have probably understood that my passion is doing things by hand. I love my sewingmachine and do a lot of things on it, but it is handstitching and handquilting that is ME. Now I will take my sewing out on the porch and enjoy the sun. It is a very beautiful warm day. The trees have started to loose its leaves. The autumn with its colours are here.


Darlene said...

Beautiful quilts and tablerunners. I know others will enjoy your quiltshow as much as I did.

Thank you for sharing!

Sølvis blog said...

Thanks for showing the exibition to the ones of us living to far away to se it in real life.

Hanne said...

Congratulations on your exibition :-) You do lovely work !

Hedgehog said...

Wow! I wish that I could visit the exhibition in person, but this is the next best thing. Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

What a beautiful exhibition. Thank you so much for sharing with us so far away we cannot see it in person.

Linda C said...

This is wonderful, May Britt! Lots of wonderful eye candy! Did you say how long you had been quilting?

Jenni said...

Thankyou for the exhibition. You must be a very patient person to do all that hand work May Britt.

Cynthia said...

how wonderful to be able to display your quilts at the library.
Thanks for showing photos of your quilts. They are all lovely.

Julia said...

Congratulations on your exibition
Beautiful quilts and tablerunners,
Hand quilting is lovely, and takes a lot of time.
They will be family heirlooms for sure..

Nancy said...

Thank you for the quilt show this morning in my living room. :-) You do beautiful work.

Inga said...

This is a very nice collection of quilt you're showing us. I hope lots of people will attend your exhibition.


Ati said...

May Britt, your quilts are very nice. They show good workmanship!
The people in the library will have a nice week when they come for books.

Angie said...

Oh Wow, your quilts, wallhangings and runners are all gorgeous!! Your color choices are the ones that appeal to me also. And hand-pieced/hand-quilted. I am in awe! And congratulations on being asked to exhibit them again! Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that moonglow- and everything else as well!

Ali Honey said...

Congratulations on your Solo Exhibition. It looks great. I'm so glad there are others out there who really enjoy handpiecing and quilting, even though they use the machine for some tasks. It's so relaxing.
Best Wishes from Alison in New Zealand.

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