Friday, September 15, 2006

A question about fabric.

Gail has been looking through her fabrics and it makes her wonder if quilters have a particular style or color that we favor and she askes us:

1. What is your favorite color to use in your quilts?
My favorite color to use in my quilts are probably brown, red, green, yellow and beige. Thats me. At one time I never used blue in my quilts. And my friends used to tease me about that. I got a little challenged and made a blue and white quilt. At a quiltmeeting I just placed the quilt at a table and did not tell it was me who had made it. Nobody guessed it was me LOL. My choice of colours changes sometimes with my mood. In the wintertime I use warm colours and in the summer I love to use light colours. My favorit is to mix all colours together in scrap quilts.

2. Do you have a favorite style, ie. depression repros, 1800 repros, geometrics, florals, plaids, batiks, marbled, etc.? I am a bit fond of repros and have collected som of them. Plaids, batiks, bright name it. I just love fabric!!!! I have also collected japaneese fabric, but when I started to use them it was not really me. I have some trouble using them. But perhaps later when I am i that mood LOL

3. Do you have a favorite line of fabrics, ie. Kaffee Fasset, one of Moda's lines, Jo Morton, etc.?
I love Moda fabrics. They have a warm colour thats tempts me.

4. Do you tend to buy a particular subject , ie. butterflies, strawberries, cats?
As several other quilters I collect fabric with cats on. Wonder why?
And if I find fabric that pleases me, I buy it. I do not have to have a reason for buying it. Do not have to have a project to use it in.

5. Did I miss a category here?????
In Norway fabric is very expensive comparing to Usa. And I try to buy fabric at sales. But when my shop offers new fabric.................... you know........... it is hard to not buy anything.
And I looked into my fabric boxes now. And one thing surprises me. I got so little variety in my colours. They seems to be the same colour value. I miss the special fabric that you have to have to make a perfect quilt. The fabric is in a lot of different patterns aso, but the colourvalue is almost the same. But the reason perhaps is that I love that particular colourvalue. But I need to have something to break it up.

I wanted to give you a little peek into one of my drawers with fabric, but my blog will not allow me to load any more pictures today:(
So I am off to bed now. Have reached one of my goals for the weekend. I have made 3 hearts for the CoH swap. Pictures :(
Hope the blog cooperate better tomorrow.


Patti said...

Love your little table runner! It was fun to read your answers to Gail's question.

Bloglines is "out of whach" and not telling us who's posted, so I'm going through my list. Otherwise I would have missed your post!

Sweet P said...

Wow! You have a lot on your blog today. I'm still thinking about my fabric choices to answer Gail's question. Perhaps I'll get to to it tonight.

Your table runner is cute and I love your hearts.

I wish I could help you out with your party outfit. Do let us know what happens.

Ulla said...

Thank you for letting us know a little more about your quiltstyles.I also love CQ and about my colour choices I began to use autumn colours I never before have used.There are many colours and it's so good to see the colour world is bigger then you ever knew.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Gail said...

Thanks for answering my questins so completely. And isn't it interesting that you fund that you own all the same value. I bet that is true of many of us.

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