Friday, March 26, 2010

March quiltmeeting

Yesterday was march quiltmeeting in my guild where I now am the leader. Easter is coming and we had made a little kit for our members.

During the evening a lot of hens was made and hung up.

Some of the ladies have participated in a round robin the last year, and yesterday was the show and tell of the finished quilts.

And of course a show and tell of other things the ladies have made. The photos is not good because of the bad light in the room, but I guess you want to have a look nevertheless :)


Karen said...

Wow! Some very interesting quilts & projects. I want to belong to your group. Just a little far for me to get there, though.

mascanlon said...

My goodness everyone is so productive! I am impressed. Especially with the range of projects. thanks for sharing

Nancy in Norway said...

De små RR ser riktig spennende ut. Er det slike vi skal lage en gruppe for å sy? hehehe

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