Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My easter visitor

I started early this morning baking sun buns. This is a tradition my friend Hanne and I have started, and it is the third year she comes for a Easter visit.

Poor Hanne was put to work by the coffee table. We had a discussion how to put the zipp into the zipper (LOL). I have bought yards of zipper without a zipp, and now we made a game out of putting the zipps on. Hanne on one side of the table and me on the other side.

It was very difficult, even though the shop had told me it was very easy. But with a pliers we manage to get the zipp on the zipper. (Hanne and I made a pun with the zipp and the zipper, you know a zipper without a zipp is no use)
And finally we got a lot of zipps on the zipper.
I have finished my sewing keeper. This was a kit I bought last year at the nordic quiltmeeting in Gøteborg. This is the front. Love those small houses.

The back has a small pocket to keep things in.
And this is the inside. Thanks Hanne for pursuading me to sew it together with you last weekend.

Now Hanne and I will continue sewing and just have fun.


Ági said...

I really like your blog, looking at times :-))
If the meter zipper problem, you can check out here:

Maybe something will help.

A very nice tool that has been in the sewing keeper!

~Marica~ said...

Ha en trevlig påsk helg med Hanne! Hoppas ni får många härlig sytimmar tillsammans..

~Marica~ said...

Glömde skriva att ditt syfodral blev jätte fint :)

Anne Lise said...

Skjønner problemet. Jeg har gitt opp, men kanskje jeg skal prøve igjen. Ser du har sånne fine "holdere" som er litt pynta. Hvor kan du få kjøpt slikt? Syetuiet var kjempefint. Ha en riktig fin påske begge to.

Sheila said...

I love your sewing kit, I have a question , how is your thread staying there ,do you put a ribbon through and loop it over what looks like a button at the top , how clever if that is the trick?? I love to see different sewing kits , they are all so interesting and always useful too !!

Dolores said...

I love your little sewing keeper. I admit that in all the years I have been sewing, I have never bought zipper by the yard. It seems like too much work to put it all together.

Anne-Grethe said...

Kjempeflott symappe. Kjekt med gode venner som kan overtale en når prosjekt blir liggende på vent lenge. Har også plundret litt med de gliderne, men man får en egen teknikk etterhvert. Kos deg med hyggelig besøk og ha en fin påske!

Laila said...

Eg likte veldig godt symappa di! Glidelås i metervis, ja..... Plundra veldig, eg også, før eg lærte korleis eg skulle få på glidarane. Når ein først har teknikken inne, er det faktisk ikkje så vanskeleg. Kos deg med bollar, du - dei såg veeeeldig gode ut :) og ha ei riktig fin påske.

Teodo said...

Happy Easter May Britt.
ciao ciao

Stina Blomgren said...

A WOnderful tradition... Sunbuns and lovely company.. and to add on that.. sewing.. LOVELY!!
Love the sewing kit.. already admired it on Hanne´s blog.. :o) Super fint!! :o)

Sølvis blog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sølvis blog said...

Hei - ser dere har hatt litt trøbbel med gliderne ja. Forresten så er det skikkelig dårlig gjort å legge ut bilde og lukt av bollene uten å sende med smaksprøver til leserne.

Ruth said...

I have never heard of having to put the zip on yourselves. We buy the zippers with it already on. I don't know if I would be able to figure that out.

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I have never seen where you need to add your zip to your zipper...your sewing keeper is jus so lovely Bay Britt..

Mary L. said...

Those look like Czech kolaches. What is the filling? Traditional kolache fillings are prune, poppy seed, apricot, cottage cheese (my favorite), cherry, apple, strawberry, etc.

Sue-Anne said...

I have trouble with those darn zippers too. There must be a knack to it that I don't know about because the lady in the shop where I buy it from gets them on really easy.

I love your little sewing roll.

Leeanne said...

hey neat blog, really like your tutorial for the unusual pin cushion.I would like to make that.

Annelis hantverk said...

Mmm så goda påskbullar! Mycket vackert quilt du har lagat!
Glad Påsk!

Käranån said...

´Jag önskar dig en riktigt Glad SyPåsk!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh yes! I do love how it turned out!!!!

Sparks of Ember said...

What exactly are sunbuns? I tried googling and didn't have much luck. They look great!

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