Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Scrabble Score

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 22.
What is your score? Get it here.

My score is 22. Saved by the letter Q that gave me 10 points.

I remember we used to play scrabble long time ago and it was very fun. Have to see if I can find that game again and bring it with me when we are going at the cabin next weekend. I guess I will not be able to sew very much just a few days after surgery, so playing games would be fun to do.

Saying for today:

As sunshine turns a flower's head toward heaven,
so your friendship lifts my spirit


Patti said...

Even as adults we still play games with the kids whenever we get together. We have our favorites - Milles Bournes, Phase 10 Dice, Hand and Foot, dominoes, Clue, and others. We still have at least 50 or more games at our house, and each of the kids probably have an equal number. I truly believe that parents who play games with their kids are giving their kids wonderful memories and teaching them the way they should live.

Darlene said...

Had to try 'Quilting Daze'; score 32 the Q and Z helped me. :-)

I love Scrabble and all types of word games.

Gerry said...

This was fun. Sewing-Southpaw got me a 26.

Here's wishing you a quick recovery!

dutchcomfort said...

That’s fun to do, devliegendekoe scores 24. My wordverification xnysnxa scores 24 as well! I love scrabble and other boardgames like Monopoly, ‘mens erger je niet’, Risk, Yahtzee.

May Kristin said...

Hey,this was fun! Had to try Krisp-quilt, my score was 25!

jovaliquilts said...

I had to run Jovaliquilts through Scrabble Score since I have some high-value letters, and it's 31. Fun! Hope you recover quickly and enjoy playing lots of games. It's one of the perks of recovery -- getting to do all those fun things you normally don't get to do.

Ila K. said...

Shoot! Ila gets me 3 lousy points!

Take care and follow your instructions for recovery. has instructions for different domino games, even some one-player games. And they can be played with one arm!

Gail said...

have fun at your cabin, I hope you will be back sewing very soon.

meggie said...

You are a truly lovely Soul, May Britt!

Unknown said...

My score is only 8!

Holly said...


love your blog, pls contact me, I am writing an article about quilting blogs for a US magazine.



Colleen said...

I tried your scrabble score game and "QuiltHappy" got me a score of 29! I love word games as well. Boggle is one of my favorites. I think family games are a very bonding activity.

Sweet P said...

I used Coffee Time Quilt Studio and got 41. I haven't played Scrablle in a long time. Maybe it's time to get it out and play a game or two.

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