Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still focusing

I am really proud of myself. Still focusing on my weekly focus project and not doing any side steps to other projects. But perhaps that is only because I have been so busy with other things this week. A lot of work in the evenings planning this years annual quiltmeeting and deadlines in our magazine.

I have quilted around all blocks on the christmas quilt. But I feel it in my elbow and shoulder. Have to take it a little easy with the handquilting. So to relax I have stitched a little bit on my easter bunnies. I will continue focusing on these two projects.
Another focus projects was this kit. I love this little purse and decided not to make only one but two at the same time. One from the kit and one from my own stash. All applique is done and I have quilted one of the front pieces. Perhaps I can sew them together next weekend if I manage to do all the quilting.

Two new books in my mailbox this week. I love reading the Elm Creek books and since I did not get the book for Christmas I had to order it myself.
Saying for today:

Cat's motto:
No matter what you've done wrong,
always try to make it look like the dog did it.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi May, you are doing so well by focussing, I haven't learnt that skill yet as while I'm stitching one thing I'm already thinking about another. I love the look of your bag, especially the applique and it's background.

Grethe said...

Noen ganger er det vanskelig å holde på de prosjektene en har. Alt tar tid, du er godt igang ser jeg. Så hyggelige stichery. Bøkene ser kjempe fine ut. Lykke til videre. Ønsker deg en flott uke. Klem :0)

Julz said...

The Christmas Quilt gail pan stitcheries look great. Me too am trying to remain very focused to get three projects completed so they can be entered in our local quilt festival. Love your quote today - with four cats in the house and one puppy it sure is true! Have a happy day and take care of your arm and shoulder. Hugs Jx

Sue-Anne said...

Congratulations on sticking with your focus projects. The Christmas quilt looks great.

Chocolate Cat said...

Enjoy the book, glad you ordered it for yourself!! You are doing a great job of focusing!

Laila said...

Hi you clever girl.
Congrats with staying in focus on you projects this week to.
Have a great week.

Karen said...

I love your floral applique blocks. What pattern are you using?

Paula said...

Good job for staying focused. Sometimes that's so hard to do. But you have some GREAT projects going on! Love the books too.

Jenni said...

Good for you being able to stay focused May Britt. I have taken the focus off the uncompleted Christmas gifts which isn't allowed to happen! Love the little bags

Hanne said...

I am proud of you too !
Let's keep on keeping on :-)

Cattinka said...

Hi May,
the same thing happened to me with the book I wanted for christmas, I wanted Marie Boswicks book a stitch in time, had to buy it myself. I´m glad you finally got the one you wanted also! Have fun reading!
You got nice projects in focus this week again.

Nancy in Norway said...

Så flink du har vært! Jeg skal skjerpe meg denne uka.

Teresa said...

Way to Go, May on staying on track with your projects. I am doing the same...concentrating on one or two projects at a time. It is hard not to grab up some of the new ones that I see showing up in the blogs though.

Kaaren said...

Good for you, May Britt! By staying focused as you are you'll finish up what you're working on in no time! I think you're settin a good example of all of us.

My Life and Quilting said...

Hi May... You will love the book.. I did recieved it for Christmas... I also wanted to let you know I love your blog... Keep up the great job... Jean in USA (WI) :)

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