Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tour de Fibre 2013 – The final stage

The last days we have had wonderful summer temperature.  I have started my two weeks summer vacation and it feels so good.


I have appliqued the octagons on to the background and yesterday I traced the stitchery.  A perfect sewing out on the porch.  Using the sewingtable on my sewingmachine as a lightboard, it works perfect.


First time this summer I had to move over to my “shadow porch”. Love sitting on this side when it is to hot on the main porch.  Prepping some new blocks for my Floral Beauty quilt and sewing the stitchery on my table runner.


I have finished five UFO’s last weeks.  It was “Christmas in July” for me, no photos yet. Will make a blogpost later.  The Tour de Fibre group on Facebook had a challenge finishing 5 ufos before starting a new project.  And as I now had finished those 5 UFO’s I found my Pai and Tarts paperpack, a new bundle of fabrics and decided to start on this one.  Long time since I bought this from Sue Daley.  I started to make some blocks, but did not like the fabric I chose, so I just put it up on my shelf and thought I would start it again…….some day……


……and that day was today.  I brought my fabric and rotarycutter out on the porch.


So nice to have my sewing room out on the porch today. 


Today was the final stage of Tour de France and that also means my last post of Tour de Fibre 2013.  It was so fun watching the spectacular light show at the Arc de Triomphe. 

The facebookgroup Tour de Fibre will continue.  There is a member limit of 200, and there is room for a few more, so if you want to join this group you have to hurry.  At 200 members it will close.

Hope you have enjoyed my Tour de Fibre blogposts, know I will do this again next year.

Saying for today:



Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Lovely fabrics for your pies and tarts.

Susan said...

Lovely fabrics. So nice to enjoy time stitching outside.

mascanlon said...

Another challenging project, you go girl!

mascanlon said...

Another challenging project, you go girl!

Melody said...

Your outside stitching spot is lovely

margaret said...

wonder what you are doing with your octagons. New fabrics look good to me and see you are cutting out triangles, another major project in the making.

Ulla said...

You have a beautiful place to sit and sew. The octagons frame a nice star shape for the stitchery.

Unknown said...

Love your project :).
And thank you for the tip about using the sewingmachinetable as a light-table.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a beautiful view from your porch, May. Have a lovely holiday break!

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