Friday, July 05, 2013

Tour de Fibre–day five, six and seven–octagons and party



Not much sewing going on the last days, and probably not today either.  Visiting family, helping my DD to prepp for her birthdayparty and then making pizza for the party this evening, have given me almost no time for sewing.  But when I have had time to sit down I have glued and sewn togehter some octagons.  Love my sewingbasket besides my chair.  Always a project ready that I can work on.  Do you have projects near to your favorite chair ready to be worked on??


I guess sewing have to wait until tomorrow.  But the Tour de France boys also have a relaxing day with no cycling.  I speed up tomorrow.

Saying for today:



Judith said...

Congratulations for your dd, enjoy THE day. And yes besides my chair is always some patching to do.

Jen said...

A busy few days, time to sew when all the Celebrations are over. Just relax in the chair and sew. No I don't have any beside my chair but must put some there.

margaret said...

have a great time with your DD on her birthday.
Hexies look good, not tried glueing them, do you not use papers if you glue?
I sew in the kitchen so have to put everything away when not stitching not even a comfortable chair to sit on!

Lorraine said...

Hope you have had a great celebration with your DD....I was pleased for the rest day in the Tour so I could have a rest night! I always have a project (or two) next to my chair for picking up and stitching when I feel like it.

sewkalico said...

I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday. I also have projects by my chair, but sadly they are not very organised.

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