Monday, July 08, 2013

Tour de Fibre–day 8 and 9–summer days has arrived


This weekend has been wonderful.  I have not watched tv at all.  Just enjoying warm summer days with my family.  My DD celebrated her 25th birthday and had a lot of friends coming for a party. So friday evening no sewing at all, just helping my DD so prepare for the party and baking pizza for the whole bunch.  Saturday morning I took my box with focus projects out on the porch and enjoyed some stitching.  Just relaxing in the sun.  We never know for how long this weather will stay so we have no enjoy every minute of it.


Went to the lake saturday evening, and believe it or not, but I had my first bath outdoors.  Actually it was quite warm in the water. The others was fishing.


Today I had to move over to the porch on the other side  For the first time this year it was too hot to sit on my front porch.  Much better to relax in the shadows.  And I made a little bit progress on this stitchery……


……before we went fishing again.  It was so lovely to be at the lake this evening.


And my DD cathed fish.


Which she brought home for Rusken.  But he did not understand what to do with it.  Just looked at it and went away.


All my octagons is sewn together to four rings. Now I have to find the background to applique them down on.


And I have had a look at what might be a new project.  I am also waiting for an envelope from Australia with a new pattern I have ordered.  That one is also a project I want to start very soon.

So many projects, my head is spinning. I wish I had some more time each day to sew.  Still two weeks before I start my two weeks summer vacation.  Know exactly what I will do those days.

Saying for today:



Leanne said...

Lovely summery picture.

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Lovely weather. I am also doing Esters BOM just deciding on colours.Your look good so far.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your hexies and the fabric for LE. beautiful photos

margaret said...

sounds like you have had a few lovely days, both with the weather and friendship. Like you we are enjoying some beautiful weather, hope to get some time to sit out in the sun later today. So cats love fish but do not recognise the real thing when they see it!

Hanne said...

Looks like you had the very best of weekends :-)

Annik-Snor said...

Lovely fabrics and lovely weather. You really get a lot of things done.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You are keeping busy love that fabric in your hexies...

Ulla said...

Lovely place by the lake. Your octagon fabrics are beautiful.

Susan said...

Sounds like lots of fun outdoors.....and lots of beautiful stitching. Love entwined will be magnificent, but I think I will just enjoy watching yours. Poor Rusken.

Radka said...

Summer has arrived this week over here too, at last! I have been waiting for "stitching in the garden" weather, and now it is too hot to stitch "in the garden".
But as you say, we have to make most of it, just in case there isn't going to be any more :-))

sewkalico said...

You look amazing standing on the pier in your bikini May-Britt ;)
I think my Abby would also just wonder why the fish was not prepared and put in her dish for her lol

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