Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tour de Fibre – Needleturn applique and UFO challenge


Yesterday I enjoyed some needleturn applique out on the porch.  Look at all those tiny circles.  But they were fast to sew.


Now the first part of the Love Entwined BOM is finished and next part is released tomorrow.  I have bought some background so I am ready to do the next step. I have told myself that I am totally mad starting to sew this quilt, but I love all the applique on it and I am free to stop at any time.  Perhaps I just to parts of this quilt.  So far I have had fun with it.


I’ve also made two more blocks for my Floral Beauty quilt. 


And this is how it looks so far.  The colours in this photo is so wrong, I have to remember that this floor is no good for my photos.  The blocks will be cut down when I start to sew it together.  But I have still several more blocks to make.


The Tour de Fibre Facebook group has now got a new name. Tour de Fibre – Tour for Quilters and Crafters around the world.  All the members in the group wanted it to continue after Tour de France was over, and Hanne has kindly agreed to it.  She is the moderater of this group.  It will now be a closed group with a limit of 200 members.

Some members in the group has taken the challenge to finish five UFO’s before starting a new project.  As Hanne always says, we don’t count our UFO’s, we count our finishes.  So I took a deep dive in my UFO drawer and came up whith these.  There are still more in my drawer.  So I guess I can manage to find five projects to finish one way or another in this pile.  Not to mention all the quilts that are basted and ready to be quilted.  I start my summervacation in two weeks, and guess where you’ll find me?   In my sewingroom.

Saying for today:



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your floral beauty quilt you are working on - where did you get your patterns? I too am working on LE and have my compass done and waiting for the next installment of patterns tomorrow. I have not put my little circles on yet but will when I see the next part.

Quilts And Pieces said...

It's wonderful!

Karen said...

Such pretty blocks and the details are wonderful.
Hugs - Karen

Susan said...

Your LE compass looks so good that you are tempting me too! Your Floral Beauty blocks look great together.....I am leaving my blocks at 7" instead of cutting them down, just to make the finished quilt a bit bigger.

Deb R said...

Really gorgeous blocks! and the compass is just lovely!

The Quilted Finish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Quilted Finish said...

I am very impressed that you got all those tiny circles sewn down! I have spent the past day or so trying to decide which method to use, I finally bought some tiny washers to use as a template.

Elaine said...

well done for sewing all of those small circles :)

Sandra White said...

Hi May. Your compass is beautiful and well done. Looks like you had a good day stitching.

Jen said...

HI! May, The Floral Beauty quilt is looking lovely The blocks are beautiful. Love Entwined circles are very little for the needle turn, and look amazing and compass is beautiful.

Ulla said...

Beautiful blocks! I find needleturn very difficult and admire those who can do it like you.

Anonymous said...

Love everything you've been making lately May Britt xx

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