Sunday, November 22, 2009

A trip to the capital

For my birthday I got from my children two tickets to a christmasshow in Oslo. And yesterday was the day I and Irene (no blogger) took the earlybus to Oslo. We wanted to spend the whole day in Oslo, eat dinner with my DS and do some shopping, before we went to see the show. And we had a wonderful day, even if my feet are sore with blisters from all the walking (so today I am wearing soft slippers)

One of the shops we visited was Kathrines Quiltestue. This is my first visit to her new shop.
And I must say it is one of my favorite quiltshops. So let's have a look around:

I really love the quilt hanging on the wall

So let's have a close up.
Really thinking hard on making this one.

And here is the shop owner herself.
Always smiling and very helpful.

I had one mission visiting this quiltshop.
Finding red christmas fabrics for a project.
And this is waht I bought.
Some lovely new japaneese fabrics and some laces

and just ONE RED fabric.
So now I will put my soft slippers on
and slippers into the sewingroom.
Have som projects on my sewingmachine.
Will show you later.
Saying for today:
Thoughts come cleary
while one walks
-Thomas Mann-


Lissa Jane said...

May Britt

I love that quilt too.. you certainly wouldn't want to have my fear of triangles if you wanted to make it!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time, even though you got blisters..
Hot HOt Hot Hot Australia

Anne Ida said...

Happy you girls had a great time :o) Take care of those blisters, now!

So another person drooling over that Lady of the Lake quilt *lol* It truly is a gorgeous one!

Have a lovely Sunday in your sewing room!

LeKaQuilt said...

Høres ut som dere hadde en fantastisk dag. Morro å se den nye butikken til Kathrine - der skulle jeg gjerne ha vært.... Flotte stoffer du fikk med deg hjem!

Cattinka said...

What a nice shop, I specially like the corner with the heart projects in it. And you were very economical only buying these few fabrics. I bet it was hard to resist

Anne Heidi said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Enjoy your day in your sewingroom!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Den quilten er bare helt nydelig, så enig med deg i det ja :o)
Regner med dere hadde en herlig dag, til tross for såre føtter. Nydelige stoffer du har tatt med deg hjem ;o)
Kos deg på sy-rommet i dag, det skal jeg også;o)

Bedstes Patchwork said...

Det ser ud som en hyggelig dag i har haft i Oslo, det ser ud som en flot butik og nogle fine ting du har købt med hjem.

Unknown said...

I went to that shop last spring and I loved it. Lovely fabrics you brought home with you.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds like the best way to spend a day....

TMQG said...

and Kathrines blog has always made me want to come, nice to see some photos from your camera...hugs again from Helen

Sherri said...

What a wonderful, wonderful tour of the shop! I love the Thomas Mann quote too...reminded me of studying German in college...we translated several of his works!

paulette said...

What a lovely shop! Thanks for taking me with you! I enjoyed every moment!

Gloria J W said...

What yummy fabrics... I would still be there!! Loved the fabrics you bought, but I'm a bright girl myself and well... red.. can anyone have too much of this wonderful colour? Rainbow smiles :-} Gloria

Mary Ann said...

Kathrine's Quiltstue is on my lists of shops to visit one day!!! It looks so "hyggeligt"!!!
Soak those feet, May Britt!!

Kristine said...

I so enjoy checking in on you to see what exciting adventures you're having.

Just wanted to make you aware of a giveaway at my favorite quilt shop - The Quilters Garden in Fenton, Michigan USA

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