Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow + cold temperature = staying in the sewingroom


So far the winter has been strange.  We have had warm degrees every day and a lot of rain. Almost all the snow was melted, you had to go up in the mountains to go skiing.  But I was happy with that.  This weekend the weather turned and it has come a lot of snow and now it is very cold minus 20 C.


So what do a quilter do.  Stay inside of course.  Sewing down the binding on my Red Home Quilt.  I love my wonder clips. Makes sewing down the binding so easy.


It is cold outside, and it was so good to just cuddle up under the quilt while sewing down the binding.  Earlier I did think that sewing down bindings was soooooo boring.  But now it was just fun. I watched a lot of series and old movies on the tv.  Rusken was also very interested in what was going on on the tv.


And the quilt is cat approved. Several times already.


UFO # 3 is finished.


Now I am on a roll with finishing UFO’s.  I have decided that january is my UFO month.  The challenge was to finish five before starting something new.  But it feels so good to have a finish so I will keep on working on my UFO’s for the whole month.  So then when february comes I can start something new.


UFO #4 finished today.  A new cushion.  But I really think I have to change colours now.  Almost everything I have made lately is RED.


And RED is the colour on UFO #5 too.  This pattern was a Christmas gift from my friend Bjørg in 2012.  I did start to sew it, but put it away in a box.


Today I sewed it together.  Still thinking about whether I should applique the daisies or not. Perhaps not, and rather quilt some borders in the middle row. Have to sleep on it.


I manage to focus on my Aunt Sarah’s quilt the whole week. Been a hectic week at work and then it was good just to come home, sit down and relax and sew on my hexagons. And this is how far I have come by today. Think I will have focus on this as my hand stitching project the coming week too.

Saying for today:



TLC said...

Looks like our weather last week has migrated to you. Great finishes!

Ondrea said...

You have done well finishing the projects. Summer has only really just arrived here, about a month late. We have 35 degrees c here today.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

as always I love the embroidery! cute cat too and love the quilts

Rosemary Youngs said...

You are accomplishing so much, love the projects. Can't wait to see if you start on new,

Hanne said...

You have done great with your Ufos :-) It is fun to have a lot of finishes :-) said...

You sew wonderful things, I love to look at it. Your Red Home Quilt is so wonderful, think I will sew on mine for a while

margaret said...

so many projects coming along well, red is such a cheerful colour and the quilt is very eye catching, lovely. Also love the pillows you are making, good to see you have such good company whilst your are working on your UFO`s.

Jen said...

Hello May, Lovely to see your finished projects. Your quilt is beautiful and Rusken is loveing it. A great time for quilting and staying warm. We are getting a heat wave here and will be inside also with the air con on !!

Karen said...

Looks like a great way to spend the weekend, snuggled under a quilt and still getting something done. Rusken looks so cozy all snuggled in that adorable quilt - dang that's a cute one. I've got a few of the UFO's sitting around - you inspire me to get moving on them.
Have a super week - Hugs - Karen

Dollandesign said...

Jag blir glad av färgen röd. Så det är så trevligt att se de fina sakerna som Du nu sytt i rött, tycker jag.


Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Great finishes. Lovely cushion. Love the stitchery you have used.

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