Friday, October 06, 2006

I got quilts above my sofa :)

I moved into this house in the middle of april, and I feel that I am not quite ready decorating my house. I have been missing quilts above my sofa. Although I have a lot of quilts to choose from, no one really was the one I wantet in this corner of my livingroom. Either one was to big, or one did not have the right colours. The one in the right corner is one early wanted to have there, but on the other side......... that's is where I did not find any. Until today. I was visiting my quiltshop and there it was. My quilt has been hanging in the shop for over a year now, and I had forgotten it. I picked it down and brought it home. There it was. Just what I wanted meanwhile I am making the one that shall be hanging there. That one is still in progress.

A close up of my "orange peel" quilt. Me and my mother competed making this. While I was making one, she tricked me and made two. I love this pattern and I am thinking about making another one with a little twist. I saw this quilt (the fift one on this page) on Dawns blog and think I am going to draw a pattern like it.

This one is paperpiecing. I promised one girl earlier that I would show her my quilt. She had made one similar. Do not remember who it was. But here it is, my "Savanna Star". Love doing paperpiecing.

Talking about paperpieceing. Want to show you one quilt I have been working on several years no. This is the one I blamr why I had to start using glasses. I have tryed not to use the same fabric twice, except the black. Some time ago quiltshops used to send fabricsamples and this is the one I have been using. Tiny pieces needed a tiny paper shape. This one is just 3/4 " 6-point diamond. No wonder why my eyes got so bad after a while. I want to complete this quilt. As I see now I am just lacking one star in the right bottom corner and half stars on the top and bottom. Shall or shall not complete........ that's the question. Perhaps applique it on black borders with an appliqued flowerborder on the sides????? Or any other ideas??? Not really in the mood for this one yet. Back to the ufo box I think.

Now I have to clean up a bit in the house. My boyfriend is arriving soon. And my DD is back home at midnight from schooltrip to Praha.


Joyce said...

I think you could make one more star and then applique it on black and it would look fantastic. I love it and don't know how you can just put it away! If it were on black it would just glow.

Hedgehog said...

I would make one more star and then have an interesting shaped edge!

Love the orange peel - I've never heard it called that. I could have called mine 'purple peel' lol.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the quilts you posted today, especially the orange peel!

NormaH said...

Love the bright colors - so jewel like and they really sparkle.

Never thought about doing the orange peel as a scrap quilt. Usually see it in two colors but I like the scrap idea.

Linda C said...

I love 'em all! I know the one you refer to as Orange Peel by either True Lover's Knot or Endless Chain--no matter though as your version is lovely and scrappy.

The other one deserves to be finished but maybe you need to think on it a bit and decide how to proceed a little longer.

Julia said...

Beautiful Quilt!
Just one more star...I think you should finish's tooo nice to be in the UFO's draw.
and would look perfect on your wall.

Susan said...

I love this with the black background! How gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

just catching up on reading blogs. It's been a busy week. Love the quilts you have shown.

Patti said...

The quilts look great on your walls May. I adore the tiny stars! Of course you must finish it! I would make one more star for the lower right, and then appliqué it onto black. I think the black around the edge is the only border needed. Let the stars sing the entire song solo.

Libby said...

Your quilts are beautiful -- the Savannah Star is just like one I shared a while back. Paper piecing really is catching. You will finish the other when the mood comes back to you *s* I pick one more star and black background.

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