Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A poem

On my office wall I have a poem which I love. I do not know who wrote it, but I want to share it with you. It's in norwegian and I will try to translate it into english. Of course some of the rimes will not match, but it is the meaning that is important.

First the original poem in norwegian:

Du har fått en vakker gave
en ny dag som kun er din
Det er opp til deg å velge
hva du bruker dagen til.
Dagen står der i din dørsprekk
venter på å komme inn
full av blanke rene sider
med all verdens farger til.
Hvordan kan du utnytte
denne gaven du har fått
Du må velge varme farger
ikke farge arket grått.
Du må bruke dagens timer
til å være positiv
Gled mennesker du møter
gi oppmuntring og smil.
Uansett så må du huske
at når dagen er forbi
har de ting du sa og gjorde
tråkket opp en liten sti.

And then my attempt to translate it into english:

You have been given a beautiful day

on day that is only yours

it is up to you to choose

how to use this day.

This day is waiting by your door

waiting to come in

full of blank clean pages

with the colours of the world.

How can you use

this gift you now received

You have to choose warm colours

not use the colour grey.

You have to use the hours of the day

to be positiv

make people you meet happy

give encouragement and a smile.

Regardless just remember

when the day is gone

the words you said and things you did

have made a little path.

This was very difficult. Translating poems are not easy. If anyone knows a better translation pleas let me know. And if the one who wrote this poem reads this, please forgive me for my "bad" translation. But this poem is so dear to me and I wanted to share it.

I did go in to my sewingroom yesterday. No sewing, but I started to clean up an organize. I looked through some boxes, throwed away some ufo's that I know I never will finish, throwed away old pattern printouts from the computer that I never will make. A big sack of trash. And I felt good. Really good. Perhaps if I continue this evening I may be able to find my pleasure of sewing again. I know it is hidden somewhere in my sewingroom.


Cynthia said...

that's a lovely poem May Britt.

Good to see that you made some progress in you sewing room. Hopefully it will motivate you to work on a project soon.

Susan said...

Keep looking, you will find pleasure in your sewing room again....

After all, you have taken the first step..........

Libby said...

It's a lovely poem no matter what the language.

Sweet P said...

What a beautiful poem. Everyone should have it hanging in their office. Keep looking for your sewing mojo - I'm sure it's somewhere in your sewing room.

Nina In Norway said...

Beautiful. And a very good translation. It hit me hard, in both languages.
It is gone be the "roule" of today. And tomorrow.

Ati said...

May Britt, thank you for sharing this with all of us.
It is a lovely poem.

meggie said...

Thanks for the Poem.
Nice to find your blog in my travels.

Micki said...

This is a lovely poem. I hope you get back into your sewing mode again.

Susan said...

I love your translation. This is a beautiful sentiment and great philosophy for life.

I'm glad you got to play in the sewing room, even if it wasn't a project.

Patti said...

This is a beautiful poem - and a beautiful sentiment. Imagine how the world would be if everyone lived this way every day of their lives!

Shelina said...

May, this is a beautiful poem, and I am so glad that you shared it. Sorry that it caused you trouble - I followed this link from Peach Quilting blog.

Beverley said...

Lovely poem and a good translation. I am English and think you have a very good command of the language. Well done. :)

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