Monday, October 09, 2006

My sewing this weekend.

While my boyfriend was out carpeting saturday I manage to finish my swingskirt and the underskirt. So no I am ready to party LOL

And I have done my 15 min a day with CQ. I have a bit troubel going outside the lines. Have to loose up a bit. Perhaps that's why I work so slow with the embellishment. Besides that, pink is not really my colour. Yesterday I embroidered "angel" in one of the pieces. And I found two beautiful "antique" buttons which I had to have. The white lace in the bottom was stitched on, but I did not find any way to embellish it. Wish my book "treasure of crazyquilt stitches" was here. I know Lorenza in Italy ordered this bok at the same time as I, and she already have received it......... i am envious LOL I have decided to finish the empty space at the top left corner now before starting another place at the block. Do anyone have any ideas for me??????
I got a lot of beautiful silk ribbon so I ought to make some SRE, or should I make som more embroidery, or perhaps a cluster of buttons, or......... I DO NOT KNOW......LOL Think I have to visit "In a minute ago" and look for ideas.

I managed also to do a lot of handquilting on my "Dites-le avec des fleurs" UFO this weekend. I have to find another name for it. Any ideas?????? It is a french pattern I bought visiting France last year and therefore the french name. Perhaps I will call it "Say it with flowers" Is that the coorect english translation for the french name?

I am in an "finish my ufo's" period now and that's feeling good................ very good :)

This evening I am going to have visitors. My friends from "Trådsnella" (in english "The Spools") are coming on an inspection. We are a small group of quilters who meets regulary. The same girls I was togheter with on my quilt weekend at the cabin in august. I baked two cakes yesterday and I am looking forward to some nice hours sewing together with them. I will take some photos and show them later. I am sure they are working on something nice.


Hanne said...

No Ufo work May Britt ?? ;-)
You impressed me with the French a minute there - yes it means Say it with flowers. My French is worse than rusty after 28 years of no practise.
Your CQ work is lovely - is it for yourself - how big is it ?

Jenni said...

Yes the CQ is lovely May Britt. I'm sure you will find something to put in the corner. What will it be when finished?

Libby said...

Good for you to work on UFO's. It is a good feeling to get some of those off of your plate.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest doing a running stitch along the base of the lace and making a bow in the middle, in my mind it would help bring your eye back to the angel in the middle. I make bows by doing 2 loops and then putting a straight stitch between them.
As for the corner I think SRE would be gorgeous! You could do a cluster of flowers and buttons?

Anonymous said...

The CQ is lovely!!! I am very slow stitcher, too.

Julia said...

May Britt. Your cq is lovely.
I would do a embroidered heart with little roses along the top trailing down one side...I have done a lot of these on my Cq's...
Angels and hearts go good together..
Just my thoughts.

Linda C said...

It looks wonderful so far, May Britt! You are so talented!

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