Thursday, October 26, 2006

October quiltmeeting

Every last thursday in the month my quiltgroup have their meeting. And today it was the october meeting. Not so many ladies today, perhaps the weather was too bad. It snowed earlier today and now it was raining too bad. But here are some pictures from our show and tell.
Remember the bag I made recently. Several bags have been made in this class and here are seven of them. Bjørg Mellum who has designed the pattern is no two from left. Lots of beautiful bags.

Bjørg Holm have made a cat designed by AnnAKa. On AnnAKa's site you can se more of her patterns. We have several great designers in Norway.
Soon des 1st and countdown to christmas. Solfrid has made this beautiful advent calender. We use to hang 24 little gifts on the numbers (days) and open one each day before christmas. Do you do like this abroad. My DD is 18 and she still wants me to make one for her every year. Log cabin is a beautiful pattern. And this one have Reidun made for her brother.
Reidun have also made this beautiful quilts with stars.
And the best to come. My yummy yummy bali's have arrived. 24 pieces of lovely colours. And we bought so much in the shop that we got 2 yards of extra fabric. My friend and I have shared all the pieces. One half for each. Don't ask me what I am going to make of them..............I have no idea. But doesn't they look yummy.

I had brought my daisy applique to the meeting, and now I have finished two. Going to prepare more of them this weekend. Tomorrow is my boyfriend comming and we have a lot of work to do. Put winter tires on my car, bring my new firewood oven in to my house, bring firewood home aso. I am going to keep him busy this weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful projects from your quilt group meeting! They are all so wonderful and I love all those bags.

22 pieces of Bali's - yes, for absolutely sure, they look extremely yummy.

Enjoy your time with your boyfriend - it sounds like you'll have a busy weekend, but you'll be all prepared for the coming winter.

Darlene said...

Wow, beautiful projects and such a nice group of ladies. I love those bags, also.

Enjoy your week end with your boyfriend. Does he know how busy he's going to be. :-)

I can't wait to see what you do with you great Bali assortment.

Libby said...

How fun to spend the afternoon with good friends sharing and gabbing the time away. Have a good weekend with a little time for quilting, too *s*

Cynthia said...

thanks for sharing the photos of your quilt group. All the bags are very nice.

So many nice Bali fabrics. I will look forward to seeing them in one of your quilts one day.

Two daisys done already! How many will you be doing?

Susan said...

What a wonderful group of which to be a part! They seem so talented. I loved the bags, and that cat really made me smile. The log cabin is one of my favorite patterns.

In our family, we did an advent calendar every year. We always bought one from the Hallmark store, and there would be a picture or verse behind each window. One year we bought one that had chocolates and then we had to take turns eating them. =)

The Bali colors look so fabulous spread out that way. How wonderful to have a friend who would share this with you. They do, indeed, look yummy!

Are you actually going to cook on this firewood oven, or just heat the house with it? A lot of people I know use wood stoves, some have the same thing, but it uses some kind of pellet instead of wood. I don't think it's any cheaper, though!

What kind of firewood do you use? Is it expensive there? I know you have a lot of forests, but I just don't have a clue if there are enough to make it less expensive heat.

Hanne said...

In comment mood again - and catching up :-)

Don't mind that Lillebet woman - you and I write better English than she will ever write Norwegian ;-)

I am always washing my fabrics - in the washing machine, but I very seldom tumbler dry. If I do, for some reason, I do only a couple fabrics at a time - make them half dry and iron the rest.
Your applique blocks are lovely, all of them, and the flower / ninepatch quilt really is cute.
Thanks for the guild show & tell.

Anonymous said...

The advent calendar is popular in the USA also. We had one every year when I was growing up, and my children enjoyed having one also.

Your friends are very talented! Those are lovely quilts. It must be inspiring to have good friends who quilt.

I love your Bali fabrics - you don't have to know what to do with them. Just enjoy them and one day you'll find the perfect project!

Enjoy your weekend with your boyfriend. Sounds like fun!

Susan said...

Such wonderful bags you have all made.

Great wall hangings. I really enjoyed looking at the quilting on them.

Sounds like a really busy weekend for you.

Sweet P said...

Thanks for sharing your show and tell with us. Everyone's quilt is fantastic. Your new fabrics are yummy. Let us know what you decide to do with them.

Jenni said...

Advent calendars are used here too. We always had them as kids. You're batiks are nice - I've not been too keen on them in the past, but I think I'm coming around.

Hedgehog said...

I love the log cabin made by your friend! The new fabrics looks like fun. I also like your new country counter on the sidebar!

Julia said...

beautiful quilt projects and such a nice group of ladies. I love those bags, also.
We do advent calendar as well, i have one to make with hearts for each day..
would be good for the COH that we collect..

Gerry said...

What a wonder group to be a part of. The bags are lovely, and the smiles tell the rest of the story.

Linda C said...

WOW, I feel like I have been to a quilt show. Wonderful projects you are showing from your group. I will have to look into the cat patterns, of course.

And look at all of you with your bags!

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