Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New days


Slowly we have to take back our daily life, but the happenings last friday will make a difference in whole Norway, and will for ever be remembered. 
I think Norway have showed the whole world that we can stand up agains violence like this.  Not with hate, but with love for eachother.


Monday brought visitors to my house.  Nancy and her husband was on summervacation and dropped in to say hello.  And of course Nancy and I had some time to sewing too.  Here we are comparing the progress on our “A Tisket, a Tasket” BOM.  Perhaps I should give this BOM another chance now. 


Yesterday Hanne and Bente came.  You perhaps remember that Hanne and I made a deal to give eachother a prize for our Tour de Fibre blogging/sewing.  Our Tour de Fibre was ended some days too early because of the massakre on friday.  It felt so wrong to blog about sewing and other trivial things. 

But now Hanne brougth her prize for me and I had one prize for her.  Look at those curious faces.  So we hurried to open them.


Lucky me Smilefjes  My prize is the beutiful tinbox to the left.  Filled with georgius new fabrics.  LOVE IT.  Hannes prize is the jar to the right.  You have to visit her blog to see what I gave her as a prize.


We have enjoyed an evening with sewing and chatting.


When Bente tried to do a layout of these blocks she got a good helping claw from Rusken. 


Today we went to visit Sy-Sammen.  A quilt shop not far away.  Long time since last time I visit this shop, but I know I will be back. 


She has so many fabrics, and the only shop I know of with this many big backings


No need to say that some backings came home with me Smilefjes


She also have a lot of excellent battings on rolls.


A big smile on my face when I came home with all my treasures.

Saying for today:

Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way.
Stay away from what might have been,
and look at what can be.
Marsha Petrie Sue


Beezus said...

I don't comment on your blog with every post you make, but I read them all. I so enjoy watching what you and your friends are working on from halfway around the world -- I'm in the US, so I also love seeing all the shots you take in fabric stores, from your back window, etc. Thanks so much for sharing all your work and progress with us!

Cille said...

Here in Denmark we share your chock an sadness. Best thoughts....

Cille said...

Here in Denmark we share the chock and sadness over the tragedy of last Friday. Best thoughts...

Hanne said...

Thanks for lovely days! I always enjoy spending time with you. I am also happy to learn that you are doing Tour de Fibre with me next year - I am looking forward to it already :-)

Little Penpen said...

I admire everything you and Hanne do! Love it that you guys can "play" together. How far do you live from each other? ((hugs)) to you and your country for the tragic things that happened last week. I've been following it on the news and thinking of you.

Katie said...

Indeed. That's something you don't get over....ever.

Looks like a very fun shopping trip! :-)

delfina said...

Qué linda reunión!!! Qué bueno compartir con amigas la costura. Me encantaron las telas que te compraste. Espero ver pronto en qué las aplicaste. Besos.

Zuly said...

¡Cuántas compras! qué ilusión es comprar telas y todo para hacer quilting.
I love quilt :-)
Zuly Castillo

Carole said...

Wow, what a wonderful day it was! You're so funny with that big grin on your face! lol Good for you! Thanks for sharing! Hugs,

Hanne said...

Thanks for lovely days! I always enjoy spending time with you :-)

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