Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tour de Fibre - Reading

Not a single stitch today. But I have been reading.
I love reading all kind of books.

Long time ago I ordered the new Elm Creek book, and I have saved it so it could be my summer reading. I had totally forgotten it until today when I found it in my bookshelf. Also got a new book in the mailbox today. Ordered it just a few days ago and it looks like a wonderful book filled with quilt history. We have had a wonderful warm summerday today, so this evening I have enjoyed sitting out on the porch with my books and a glass of red wine (after all it is my summer vacation LOL). And tomorrow it is predicted it will be rain again (sewing weather). But I cross my fingers for more summer days. I need some more warm summer days out on the porch.

In my sewing room there is a lot of quilt books. I love to buy quilt books.

I love looking through them searching for ideas and inspiration. Some of them has patterns that I some day want to make. And all the time there is new books with more inspiration and more patterns that I want to make. Thank you to all those talented designers that gives us all this inspiration.

I also love to read thrillers and novels. And I am a fast reader so I am always looking for new books.

And I love my Elm Creek books. Now back to reading my new novel in Elm Creek.

Saying for today :

A good book on your shelf
is a friend that turns its back on you
and remains a friend.
~Author Unknown


Hanne said...

I also love quilt books - and the Elm Creek novels :-)

Dolores said...

It's nice to take a break and just do nothing but read. Good for you. Since you are on vacation, you may as well relax.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey May Britt! Glad you got some sunny summer weather to enjoy outdoors. It's icky and overcast with rain forecast here today ... SIGH! Mind you, since I'm fighting a horrible cold, maybe it's a good day just to stay home and curl up with a book!! :0) Like you ... I like a good thriller, an exciting adventure or a 'whodunnit' to curl up with. Hope you continue to enjoy your summer break. Bear Hugs! KRIS

Pen Pen said...

I just started reading the Elm Creek Novels a few weeks ago. I love them, too. I have finished the first four and am now reading The Christmas Quilt. Talk about inspiration: those books make me want to find some quilty friends and quilt all day... every day!!! I found five new quilt books at a local thrift store today, each less than $2 each. I am enjoying the beautiful pictures this afternoon!!! And yes, dreaming of making a lot of the quilts I see on the pages!

Lori in AZ said...

I enjoy Lisa Jackson and Lisa Gardnerboth gals are good suspense writers ;0 ;0

2ne said...

Så herlig utvalg i bøker :-)
Mye bra lesestoff her - og masse inspirasjon ikke minst.
Ha en strålende dag.

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